Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Longxi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longxi infinite everywhere United States and the world need not look for Taoyuan, Huang Si landscape of the Grand View Garden. Longxi Garden is located in Taoyuan Town, Grand, quite the natural beauty of the landscape with the win. "Spring flowers in full bloom downtown, the doors open to the sound Xiahe Gone with the Wind, the Italian Red Qiuchan hazy, warm winter-social situation with" the Four Seasons style, full of painted dragon Garden of the picture. According to the terrain park, the natural landscape, there are carefully planned landscape Fei Bao district, scene of the rural areas, Sunshine Plaza lawn, Lung Mun Park, viewing trails, eco-bee culture zones, physical activity and so on, are its own unique features and unique style. Dragon Paradise, set slide has trapeze, Star game , The carriage, break a number of vehicles such as recreational facilities, children's favorites. In addition, there are from Japan, artificial skiing, archery range, the swan boats, and so on, very suitable for family fun. Fei Bao landscape in the region, Qu Bridge pavilion of the water landscape, the garden show China's refined mellow; rural landscape, pastoral style table Strong feelings of rural track, recalling the taste of conventional farming interest. Sunshine Plaza, green lawn is the best way to open. Longxi the upper reaches of the Swan Lake is beautiful, whether the Pan-light boat or walk the lake, full of peace of mind. By car: from Namkham Interchange Bridge under the high-speed public-speed, on 4 Road to by the Taoyuan Ta Shee; or walk since the Second Northern Freeway Interchange Dasi Bridge, turn on the 7th to the provincial Tzuhu direction Wan.

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