Thursday, November 27, 2008

Huan-chun Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huan-chun Jinghong City Park is the oldest park, located in the Lancang River flow and interchange Manting Walled side, formerly known as the "Man listen to the Park", covers an area of 20 hectares. Manting Park has 1300 years of history, the past is the Imperial Garden of Xishuangbanna Dai Wang, Dai in the history of feudal lords who call and receive on-chip Tusi Play the premises of flowers. Dai Princess legend to parks, the park has attracted the beauty of the Princess of the soul, so named "Huan-chun," Park, Dai means "garden of the soul." The park covers an area of 350 acres to natural vegetation as the main body, is a natural forest park. Park, there are dry-bar Buddha , A pavilion and Huaguo Yuan. Tree-lined park, cool and pleasant. Huan-chun Park is next to the man and the man to listen to listen to the Walled Buddhist temple together to form a park, the village temple and three-point play. The natural landscape in the park have chestnut forest King, Prime Minister Zhou Enlai to participate in Xishuangbanna people of all ethnic groups to celebrate the Songkran statue, tower-King 000 Kongque Yuan, Dai Temple, tourism souvenir shopping promenade and water, ethnic food tasting, and other places. In addition, the Thai Princess to visit China that year, stay in Jinghong, when the two species under the symbol of the tree of Sino-Thai friendship and inscriptions. Weng Yu trees in the park, the rare "Iron power" and various kinds of fruit trees, flowers and trees into their own , Has beautiful scenery, it is fun to watch the ideal garden. Park made to the existing natural landscape, and artificial cultivation of different plants and unique landscape architecture. Garden guests can watch the ancient natural beauty, but also has a strong appreciation of the national characteristics of the human landscape. Black heart of the ancient trees in the park, Like bamboo shoots to build the tower, octagonal, with much standing 3.2 meters high bronze statue of Premier Zhou; Concord Buddha, "Buddhist temple Watt, sister," this is. Park green grass and trees, forest trees, the park also have a copy Manting Dragon King really octagonal tower and the tower has a variety of booths to rest, the right side of the park was built 800 years ago, the ancient moat. Into the park, you will have welled up in his back-to-nature feeling, the depth of feeling and natural artificial clever, beautiful to watch people, relaxed and happy.

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