Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bodhi Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bodhi Temple is Theravada Buddhist temples. Dai said the "fat phase", which means precious stones Temple. The temple though small area of 3600 square meters to do, but it does well-known reputation of the South-South-East Asia Theravada Buddhist temple. According to historical records, Bodhi Temple was built only 16 years of Emperor Kangxi (AD 167 ). At that time, according to legend Shi Mang (this Mans) chief Executive of the lawsuit eldest son give up position, for Thinning monk, the construction of Cisi. Teramae is due to a big tree, the tree will be named by Bodhi Temple. Three more than a century, repeated catastrophe of war, and repair broken back by the build, through vicissitudes of life, until now. Big Before a pair of stone animals, Myanmar is a legendary animal odd, "Ga Duo", is specifically permitted to guard. Now we see the main hall and the Dai-and Chinese-style, the Vatican-style in one, the idea of unique, sophisticated production, as is our architecture of the Garden Flower. Bodhi Temple is not Buddhist monks chanted Buddhist scripts is that Catholics worship in the world, with Dai is a treasure house of folk art. These art not only in construction, decoration, sculpture, the collection also inside many different stages of the Dai People's art, such as the dazzling mural, a wide variety of paper-cuts, rolls of the vast contents of the book, and so on.

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