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Kuroi town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Well dinosaurs and ancient town located in the town of Lufeng County, since ancient times is a tribute salt production. Mountain Jiang with it, is closed for a long time in Longchuan river valley has been almost a century of the town.
And on the wells, Jin Yong's "Dragon" phrase: "the Baoding Di Xia Zhi Yan Shui-free, Dali million people Thanksgiving. Yunnan Salt , Country-white wells, and wells, such as Yunlong nine wells producing salt, Sichuan every year to buy salt, Yanshui very heavy, often in remote poor year a few months short of potable. I know Baoding Di Yan Shui-free, Huang Meiseng must try to save Duan Yu was reported to ... ... "and well, Dali is the only country one of the Salt 9.
Well black middle class The long history. Since in 4000 before the late New Stone Age, Yi women in the Arab-trick to guide the Black Cattle, found the foot of the river there is a natural brine Stephen overflow. Since then, the black ancestors Well Brine and food; Bronze Age, they dug brine storage tank, the original use of firewood salt of the legal system; Nanzhao period, learn the brine pond dug, the kettle boiled with salt, Well Salt become a tribute for the royal family of salt; the Yuan Dynasty, the central Chu Chi-wai way to get control and salt well so that the Secretary Yan Yun. However, the two of the Millennium, the only digging wells and a 23 salt well. Wu Ming-hong, and is well established five classes of salt goods lifting Division, in Zhili province. Tianfu should be moved from central to the identity of 64 extraordinary small kitchen, and vigorously Well black. After hundreds of years of development, to the Qing Dynasty, and salt wells to reach its peak, has Yanshui Yanshui Yunnan accounted for 64%. Before the liberation, the black market works well for Corruption, sea salt, but the "invasion" so that the rich past of salt, the loss pillar and as a result of decline.

Passage of time, earthshaking changes vicissitudes of life. Yancheng, "has long lost its former glory, but left with the old style of the Tang and Song Lane Square, the Ming and Qing style residential rather, tablets, stone carvings, ancient, stone arches, ancient stage, as well as ancient temples, ancient salt well, cook Yim, such as households, in particular, known inside and outside the province of well-preserved architecture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties typical large-wu , Attracted a large number of tourists both at home and abroad.
"King" type of arms luxury Grand Courtyard, arch, the light of the Emperor Yu Bi, flying Temple, had been producing salt brine and salt well the pond is still there. Long hung in the Cinei written by Emperor Yongzheng of the plaque, a letter, "the source Puze Ling", describe. This 2 meters long, 80 cm wide, the inscription carved on the lead 9. "Source of Hope Puze" It is the fourth time of Emperor Yong Zheng and brine wells benefits the world's evaluation of the Zep. There are built in the late Ming and Qing completed in Daoguangnianjian still play a role in flood control, security and the Town of security and well Qing'an embankment, is also a Can not. Those ancient Salt, salt, cooking stoves, as if to talk to people with a long history of vicissitudes and changes ... ...
Gu Xiang faint, wooden window, Diaolianghuadong attachment on the web silk dust, the deep Tiyin Qingshi Ban on the road, all in the telling of its history and has been brilliant and Lijiang ... ... City of small bridge, flowing water, wells and the town is more than a fraction of the ancient long, the situation of cotton. Longchuan River and the city had to wear red gravel paved the Han caravan Road and the town streets width of three feet, however Xiangyixiangwei. Long silence people on the night, piled red sand stone stands apathy Square, the five-horse Wanjiadenghuo the bridge, with a narrative Distant deep prosperous world. Continuous rain, Wu Grand Courtyard of weathering foot pillars, the Confucian Temple and well in the mottled stone walls are about a break enduring strength of character and not.

  And in the wells, the existing National Taiwan University, there are about 160 shops, some still in use, the vast majority have been abandoned. The so-called Taiwan's shop is local In their own street by street Qingshi Ban build up a platform and a variety of items before the sale of the platform, trading at a glance, easy, Gan Ma Ma will be able to lead people to buy things. Some shops in order to attract customers, the shop is still on the stage put a jar of water and a wooden ladle for customers who Ganma and thirst-quenching.

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