Thursday, November 27, 2008

South River mushroom Taobao tourism market - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ruili and Myanmar gems of the world's leading places of origin with the Department of a mineral belt. Amoy to the local residents to adopt high value gemstones of the most widely circulated story. In 1998 the mineral deposits with China Ruili side of the newly discovered gems of the rich quarry. By the Yunnan Geology and Mineral Resources Bureau of the Fourth Battalion of the Geological Survey Group-spot survey and census occurrence, there is evidence red Blue and red corundum spinel, Ziya Ukraine, and other precious stones. The samples taken by the China Geological Museum and the Gem and Mineral Research Office of the Department of gem identification of research to identify the processing room. 1KM2 evaluation from the mining area, flooding large-scale alluvial deposits, gravel layer can be seen gem minerals, especially in the middle of the river (now Bao field is located) along the most enrichment, the highest content of various types of mineral stones. Based on this discovery, after the approval of relevant departments, the city of Ruili introduced only with the current domestic and fortunate to participate in the special nature of the new tourism project - Tourism Taobao. South River Tourism mushroom Taobao Field was built in gem-forming with the most run-of-mine The section - get the South Island of the Kou River, an area of 600,000 square meters. Regardless of the south along the river bank, built with rows of ethnic style of building facilities, including dining sets, precious stones identification process, shopping for a comprehensive service building, recreation center, guest rooms and other facilities. Taobao tourists, mining tools provided for the use of Amoy Amoy to the run-of-mine gem could keep the Special Division of Myanmar gem identification process, on-site processing into a ring, necklace, bracelet, and other precious stones products. Taobao in the hidden opportunities, so that participants could be at any time lucky, Fun for all. To participate in the joy, the surprise was, so that the tourist activities from the outset by all walks of life And welcomed the attention.

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