Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ganlanba - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ganlanba, called in Thai, "Han Meng," and "rare" means rolled up. Legend has it that Sakyamuni Buddha preaching here, Christians have used cotton cloth shop on the ground, went over the top from the Buddha, the Buddha walking in the past, Christians also rolled up cloth. Han Meng is the name. Ganlanba elevation of only 30 meters above sea level is the lowest in the Xishuangbanna, the climate is hot, hot climate to Ganlanba bring a wealth of products, where a wide variety of tropical fruits, with the exception of fresh fruit, Ganlanba also produced a large number of preserved fruit, so Ganlanba everywhere can see fruit and fruit market. Have Said than done if the Xishuangbanna a peacock green, it Ganlanba is a beautiful green peacock's tail, colorful, and on Ganlanba covered with a beautiful and richly endowed Dai stockade, as in the peacock's tail decorate the sparkling Piebald. Here is a verdant green all the year round, such as high-Yung umbrella, the charming scenery, not flowers , Coconut Grove has hidden depths of a sophisticated block of unique garden-style Daijiazhulou; not far away, or shake in the wind Cui Feng Weizhu, numerous fruit or banana, dressed in bright Tongqun Daijia of women from time to time On the shuttle between the stockade and the woods; coconut came in bursts of laughter, as all of this colorful landscape hyperchromic Here, farm household, every kind of fruit, a village Jiao Yuan, Walled Walled have trees like a green screen to open the beautiful peacock tail feathers, and therefore there are "peacock feather Ling," Blair said. Hence, the "less than Ganlanba, to Banna lot of money," said. No wonder, Mr. Feng Mu in "side of the Lancang River Butterfly" for the launch of our Lam dam beautiful landscape picture, many scholars who Brigades Xinchishenwang all, obsessed about. Ganlanba two big stockade, is a full Man Song, that is, Walled Garden and the other is the man to listen to, that is, Walled fruit. No matter which one you into the stockade, they will find a typical Burmese temple and pagoda traditional Dai Zhulou. Stockade around everywhere chestnut trees tree, the tree is also called the knife, which also made the cut tree, the more the more cutting. Dai is the need to protect the natural environment around them in the stockade on this kind of chestnut trees as firewood trees to protect local forest resources. Here in the quality of tropical fruits, attracting a large number of Off. The Man Song Ganlanba spots are full, listen to the man, Banna Jiao Yuan, Piper's Ghost Village, Mann's big fish ponds and so on. Xishuangbanna reflect a lot of educated youth long been a subject of literature, movies, television dramas are Ganlanba history, geography and background; many of the photography, fine art are based on Ganlanba. We cooked The TV series "Niezhai" is part of the lens in the Ganlanba shot. Ganlanba set foot on this magical land, it will have you as infinite green olives like aftertaste.

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