Thursday, November 27, 2008

Luo Jiang played scenery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luo Jiang played scenery: Luo Jiang, also known as the South beat laid River, from east to west across the dam Daluo, the influx of Myanmar. Luo Jiang played only 36 kilometers of the river in the town of Da Luo territory, more than in the rest of the river, Myanmar and the border between the two countries. Jiang on both sides of the two countries, is the village. This unique forest is a large banyan tree form a tourist attraction About 900 years old, covers an area of 120 square meters. Luo Senlin Park to play the main landscape and Myanmar boundary marker No. 219, National Song and Dance Arena, the heat park glue-lam, the Sino-Burmese trade center, Sino-Myanmar Friendship Bridge and the city of entertainment, such as water.

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