Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sister were - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dai is the sister divisions, which means "old city." Ruili is located 4 km south of the city, according to legend has Yuanmomingchu here fortification, named. Sister divisions with a total area of 1.92 square kilometers away from Myanmar's sister-city center only 500 meters on three sides and connected to Muse, 4 km long border line with a marker 9. A sister were in the territory The cross over the highways of up to Bhamo in Myanmar, Myitkyina and Lashio, and other cities and towns. As the sister during the special geographical location make it an important strategic economic position in China to Southeast Asia, southern gateway to the South Asian countries. 1987 is listed as China's western border and opening up the focus of a two-way overlapping part of Chinese gown, 19 2 was approved as a "sister were border trade zone." Ruili sister to come to every other by Rui Lijiang. Jiang on a 500-meter-long bridge will sister bridge, "the ends of the earth in the first bridge", Yunnan is one of the longest highway bridge. Sister come to visit and tour, and Ruili in the city can take a bus fare 5 yuan.

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