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South Xuan Fusi's Department - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South Xuan Fusi's Department, in November 27, 1996 announced a national key cultural unit, is now the Dehong only unique national heritage unit, the state department in charge of cultural relics plans Would be: "China Tusi special museum display system" so that the system Tusi-permanent living fossil in the future, I Will follow the "effective protection, rational use and strengthen management" approach to heritage preservation, management and rehabilitation.

South Xuan Fusi's Department, according to the Han-style buildings Ya Shu-arranged into four of five homes, 47, 149 houses, covers an area of 10,625 square meters (Equivalent to about 10 acres of land), according to the level of toast Yamen into court, drawing room, the Chamber is together, the back garden of the five into four homes, one level higher.

South Xuan Fusi's Department, the first in Lianghe old by the name of the Southern Song Dynasty and Yuan Dynasty set up the South's military government Explorer, the South Austin got the names from this. For South Austin you want to call it? As a result of Yuan, Ming and Qing era Woxian vault under the state (this Tengchong County) restraint. "South" refers to Tengchong is located in the south, "Austin" refers to the outskirts of Bazi, so called "South Austin." Xuan Fu is to make the closure of the times so that the central government set up in frontier body of the ruling regime, at Xuanwei Si, Xuanfu so, to appease Third-class. Wu Xuan Fusi is level, he has sway and the local equivalent of the Tu Huangdi. South Xuan Fusi's usually seven high-level goods, that is, the county magistrate level, but in exceptional circumstances, with the official and up, such as the boss or neighbor to pay to receive live, with the other party rank and raise up to the fourth official , That is, local people say "See a great official." On entering the court after Kirin screen, is a symbol of the fourth official. The so-called Department, that is, government offices, in addition to the department office, both residential and needed, and other ancillary buildings. Dai said: He did call made at the end of Meng, Meng means headman at the end of the big house.

The soil Gong name, country of origin should Tianfu Nanjing Spring County. Dade million five-year (1301) Imperial Cixing knife, knife, also known as Gong So, in the first year of Gong Fu Xing, an official surnamed Gong said that only more than four generations. Knife's ancestors with the beginning of the next crusade division Yunnan, as a result of repeated military exploits sealed building for Xuanfu so, to settle here, from 1398 to a O five years in May and will last for Wuwuernian, hereditary officials on behalf of a total of 28.

Cell is a three-room hut civil engineering structures in place to build simulation. The vigil is Huotang, beds, tables and a symbol of God Prison couplets totem, such as incense burner. On the left in place for repeat offenders, four barriers, There Road for access to prisoners. A card room foot Fang, Fang four flail, fish and flail chains such as torture devices, hand-baked. Light on the left side of the residence who, four non-physical barriers and instruments of torture.

HS symmetrical floor, is the right tea is left to the Treasury Xunbu Fang. Qin Bing, including live Qinza classes. Qin Bing ban from the territory of a toast Walled outside the eight-person transfer a total of 16 members who are primarily responsible for the protection of toast, the toast of Health, then serve. As soon as possible before meals, pouring water, clean sanitation, and so on. Tusi out on Qinbing armed entourage. If you encounter case, the station will ban Shi Li, in order to boost the morale of the wind, their pay by the military arrived in the village burden The Republic of China are equal to the military police. Treasury tea, is composed of two to four, the Supply Division within the Department of tea needed, and serve as gunners put Salyut-ming, patrol and cleaned up, and so on.

This is the second chamber Zuoxiang Shuguan class housing, which is equivalent to the office now. On the left is the armory, which is equivalent to the present Department of loading. That is, we usually call the civil service, military attache of the public service, also known as the armory room in uniform.

Upstairs live ordnance guard of Bing Ding, head of the caretaker must have a military sense, is responsible for the purchase of firearms, ammunition, weapons and repair. Tusi weapons is a long time ago and some knives, guns (Spear) Clubs, such as cold Gongnu weapons. With the era of Emperor Guangxu after Mauser, the Kowloon-ring guns, Hanyang five sub-guns. By the late Republic of China, leaves Kuomintang part of the expeditionary force, then, O has six guns, light heavy machine guns, rifles, enough to equip a regiment of troops. (Refers to the area to the left of the family members) that have built housing to modern Tusi is the last home of the big drill ground. Zuoxiang "Shuguan ban", they are called by the 12 Long Brown or toast to be, as well as the Department for the post of staff who are re-look high, to take turns on duty at government offices, may sooner or later Tusi, accompanied by dinner toast to help deal with civil, reception guests Yang said the front door of this great dignity, did not grade the officials and women are strictly forbidden access, but there are a pair of elephants could be a result of the blatantly passed, it was dedicated to carry it rubbed in urine manure. This legendary right-hand floor was "three rooms", that is, stop classes, classes roar, the trial classes live, and later made an elephant Floor It is said that early in a long time ago, in the first three homes of wood depends on the couple elephant more than 40 kilometers from the village of La Long. At that time, because there is no means of transport, they depend on the volume to the nose, so that they are "active on the Hill" Tusi very popular pet, they are licensing the third hospital, the sun through the door with a total of This shows that we are the regions inhabited by ethnic minorities as a peacock and elephant mascot This is an example of the kind. And they have closely related to human development. The third house Chamber has been a matter of great significance 3. First, toast the "leader of the Tusi", often called the other chiefs toast to the League Council Procedure; II, O 195 years in mid-May, Lianghe, Yingjiang, Lin Shan secretary of the Work Committee, 122 Mission Zhang Qi, director of Political Department, invited to toast Lianghe Shou Gong, Yingjiang sliced bread knife version of Beijing, Lin Shan Tusi Hongsheng think at this meeting, and discuss the establishment of the Executive Committee of all ethnic groups. There are still expensive in the history of photo exhibition Lane. The meeting, Gong Shou Jiaoqiang on, all agree that reform of the toast, only the state government building in Lianghe he did not agree. He said: "Lianghe a small place, the state government is not appropriate in the ... ...." His real fear is that people will come back together. Without fear of the Communist Party chief. He does not want to keep hard on behalf of the 28 Secretary of the Communist Party office and personally handed.

Zuoxiang upstairs is dedicated to families and toast the show floor, the son, now in the shape of the box. However, men and women do not mix. In the old social hierarchy, young and old men and women, civilian master and servant are divided into relatively strict. Tusi floor for India too, left her son, specifically women's right seat, the car side of the floor District officials to look at the ground for people to see the district. The Xilou 1.40 Qiao Fei, is not very sophisticated, it has characteristics. We have to play Chang Gong Dai-based show, not like other peoples have too much of the martial arts movie, it is not necessary to have a big table. Xilou In addition to the floor, right hand look at Wall Street Journal reports, the school had to do. The compound has Tusi Hall 2, school children and civilians school. Tusi is the Republic of China in the late pre-schools run by private schools. Tusi on the importance of education before liberation, there have been two-Bo Shu Tong graduated from Waseda University. Outside the school can accommodate a large drill ground of more than 1,000 people a year have sliced bread "frost practice" habits. Every time when drilling Transferred to various Bingyong, time 3 - 5 days, such as archery practice in Happy Valley.

South Xuan Fusi's Department of the most beautiful buildings of this is the fourth hall, the entire building in the input of financial and material resources the most. Zuoxiang study is the right hand is the accountant.

By accountant Members and the Deputy Manager, is mainly responsible for the Division of the Department of Finance, Qianliang balance of payments. Comprador Department of daily necessities, the general in charge of expenditure, major projects to be paid by the Tusi was agreed to. Also attached to the granary, set up special strengths food, the house has large scales, books, baskets of the volume (volume for bamboo Dai Doo) and the inscription "Department" word Wooden bucket, and so on. Study by the staff secretary, clerk, the composition of the Transcriber. Secretary for post-secondary transcription, the drafting of the document sorting files lawsuits, management and presentation of the rent bills. The clerk of a higher status, he can go out to toast Acting charge d'affaires, with a total of Tusi table meal. 195 O, was upstairs, "Chief of all ethnic groups Members of the Office of the Council. "In late October the same year, the battalion commander of the PLA Garrison in Lianghe Wei Yonghua, deputy head of the delegation Lianghe military and the Friends of the yin, local staff and health as well as Qufu, and the last toast Gong Gong An Plenipotentiary of political integration in this week Negotiations. Gongan week is the last time in his capacity as the official toast, "anti-save Army, "the way in the second commander-in-chief. I simple negotiations on the same day, before a large black round-table, the table" unity card "a few cigarettes and candy tea set. For the content of the talks: South Austin on the issue of self-government. II Tusi on the issue of the rights and interests. Third, the People's Liberation Army stationed on the issue. IV, Tusi own reservations on the issue of armed Fifth, on the issue of land reform and the fight against hegemony. Later, Gong political integration will not only do not accept this five-point suggestion to the contrary throughout the armed Cuanrao, null and void as a result of the negotiations, the Chinese People's Liberation Army in January 25, 1951 radish into the dam Chaofei, anti-communist National Salvation Army suffered a crushing defeat Gong rate of trusted political integration 60 people Longchuan fled Myanmar. Since then, the total liberation of Lianghe, overturned as long as more than 500-year-old construction system of toast. Tusi, the last political integration Gong lived Myanmar, Qingming's death in 1993.

Miss floor hall is the left. Miss is a special play, dressing up. At that time, a woman of action is to To moderate only in certain regional activities. Only rouge makeup, they can enjoy. In 1984, the National People's Congress session, his family moved to the floor, Miss, is now the third wife of the last toast was also inside, we are all fortunate enough to talk to her and the group photo, but not met on a number of one, two, three ... ...? End Tusi a total of seven married daughter-in-law, which is the third wife.

Tusi the back garden every morning to get up there are three important things, a meditation martial arts. The second is chanting, the study by the Dai Wen, was the last to beat innocence only for official business. This angle left a small three-room house is in the past by the study. The same small house, Wu is the toast will go after.

South Xuan Fusi's Department, by the completion of three generations, from 1851 to 1935, spent time in 1995, this grand old buildings in the country belonging to the forefront in the Department of toast, Dai people call it the "Little Palace." Four of five into the hospital level rise, and another 24 around the penthouse, gardens, Buddhist, Xi Lou, Miss Lau, domestic housing, kitchen, grain depots, stables, the armory, prison construction and so on everything, but Each use.

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