Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dehong forest tree - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dehong in the banyan is a unique landscape. Whether Hill dam, the village, next to the road are planted, or forest tree, or banyan linked into a film. For the people of God as the banyan tree species not only Hom. Dehong in the banyan tree species in all stations in the largest. The tree is located in Mountain Cunpang order, roadside From a distance, left Is a green and lush woods, and you look carefully, you can find this piece of forest that it is just a banyan tree, it is the newly recruited chief in Ruili City, 320 National Road side, like a special standing there waiting for the guests from afar, Ruili Yung welcoming people call it. Yung is not welcoming this, in the Dehong Top Five in, but it is unusual tree, or so before and after changing position, so many experts in the popular film, such as "War Reaches the Border" and "Peacock Princess" and "handcuffs with passengers", "Journey to the West", etc. Television has a number of films have been shot on location here, a famous movie star Wang Xiaotang played in this tree swing, Liu Qing away in the woods. It's wonderful, beautiful you must marvel.

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