Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dragon River Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon River Park, is only the beginning of 1981 the construction of. Longchuanjiang here was an old river channel, such as the horseshoe-shaped, named horseshoe bend. Longchuanjiang is due to diversion of land has been zoned Park. The total area of more than 170 acres. The building arrangements relatively rich and harmonious, north of the small plum, mezzanine gallery, surrounded by plum, money Elegant, often flowers, cultural relics, calligraphy and painting exhibition. The south-east corner of the ice-skating rinks, boat docks, boat-fang of the tea water, or rest Ming Jing goods or Dangzhouqianxing; that the northeast corner of the Flower Gate Island, green and the Haitang Lin lawn, secluded deep. As for the stone to the north of St. Paul in the children's play area for children's play . Park throughout the show both gardens as well as interest and pleasure. Chuxiong the old name for the Lucheng, the Longjiang carved deer park as a symbol of the Lucheng. At the same time, there are good and honest people of the Yi people, simplicity, courageous representative of the microphone in accordance with the beautiful statue of Lu; Yi reflect the unique style of flower arrangement section of the wall paintings of life is to be drawn . You Chuxiong Masters history left behind by well-known poem, engraved on the election of the park.

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