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Tiger Leaping Gorge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lijiang is located 55 km north of the city Department of the Yulong Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain, by cutting from the Jinsha River. Wu Li river as a result of a number of stone, with rock legend Tiger had to skip big gorge, Tiger Leaping Gorge have left a good reputation.

With regard to the formation of Tiger Leaping Gorge, a popular local folk tale of the beautiful: Sands , The Nu River, Lancang River and Yulong mountain, Haba mountains, five brothers and sisters used to be. Three sisters grow up, go out to meet Ze Xu, the gas You Jiyou parents, it is necessary to Yulong and Haba to catch up. Yulong 13 with the sword, bow Haba Kuazhuo 12, came to Lijiang Chao Xiaolu, face-to-face sit waiting on a rotational basis, and who agreed miss three sisters, To be beheaded. Haba's turn to guard, Yulong just fell asleep, the girl on to the Sands. The two brothers were blocking the way, how should we do? Sands smart girl thought of Haba's sleep problems have love, they Bianzoubianchang, a series of singing 18 songs. Mildly singing was so moving to hear the fans Haba, gradually With the. Sands aimed at the girl the opportunity to finally from the brother of the two feet of the dash in the past, loud Huanxiao Zhao run away. Yulong Xianci wake scene, and gas and sad, angry girl Sands is a step has been, grief is the Haba brothers to be beheaded. He can not be in violation of some law, taking the long sword cut off the head of Haba, then Back over to cry, tears of two water and become self-Blackwater, 12 Haba's bow into the Tiger Leaping Gorge in the West Bank turn 24, and the Haba jiang fall on the head in the tiger jumped into the stone.

This fairy tale to explain the natural wealth of imagination, still moving charm. It is now known, the Sands In the valley since about 2 million years ago to form the land, is still on and off the crust has experienced a number of squeezing up, fold, fault and earthquake, landslide, and other changes. Dangerous magnificent Tiger Leaping Gorge, the Yulong Snow Mountain is a large-scale increase in the course of the Jinsha River, under strong after all a product.

Tiger jump Since the bridge from the village of Zhongdian, Lijiang limited to a large village, about 20 km circuitous routes, during which between 210 meters at the tiger jumped on, jump in the Hong Kong Standard, under the tiger jumped three, 18 dangerous shoals scattered in the order in the gorge; Jiang's surface elevation 1500-1800 m, and the Yulong and Haba Snow Mountain in the two above sea level were 5596 5396 meters and a maximum elevation 3900 meters, miles can be the first of the Yangtze Gorge.

Jinsha River in the vicinity of Shek Kwu Wan, the first of the Yangtze, Jiang wide up 150-350 meters, the water gently, to the bridge about 35 kilometers Jiang surface that can use 300 tons of motor boats, and 6 km downstream from the bridge Tiger Leaping Gorge on the mouth of the Jinsha River by the two main squeeze snow-capped mountains, river to the sharp reduction of 30 meters, together with the river's boulder blocking the river mad Nu Hao Chi, sparking waves emptying, the roaring sound of the issued and become Tiger Leaping Gorge The spot price of the concept.

Lead a tiger jumping northward along the river, the village Yongsheng will jump to the tiger in the main King "Stars" Beach. From here on a tiger jumped 5 km, the river has dropped by nearly 100 meters, as a result of Jiang's rock over, like a sky full of stars fighting, jumping back and forth during the river, the river appeared to back off a peculiar landscape. On the rise, both sides of the snow-capped mountains and high clouds play; look under the foot, steep cliffs, is very much like the cutting. Only outside This dangerous gorge in order to realize "look on a line to see a ditch, monkeys with tears, met with an eagle fly-pass" is how apt analogy.

After a jump in the Hong Kong Standard, Hetaoyuan village, then that is up to 3 km under the tiger jumped the main attractions of "Beach flight." Wang climbed up on the beach of the Taiwan Strait, Next day the two sides cliffs formed a natural Shihmen, Pentium Duo Lu river, the waves roll up Melaleuca. Here, it can really enjoy the Sands Qinggemanwu girl, three back nine to the scene and Chong Kai-Shek, the laughter of the pleasure away. Yunnan, as the poet in the Qing Dynasty temples Weng Sun "Jinsha River," a poem written by:

  Fan split domain Million mark, the outflow to Li Li Niu Ben;
  First day for middle-ying, the two Shan folder fight for the stone gate.
  Sun Cang Bo shake fine rattan, and sand thunder day and fainted away;
  Gap was up from the waves Heritage, but also where to find Jiang Yuan.

Tiger Leaping Gorge-risk world, though shipping to the inconvenience, but there are a shock Moving the splendor of soul, has attracted several million of the brave look for this victory adventure. In the 1930s, the United States well-known anthropologist John Locke has traveled three times Tiger Leaping Gorge, and leased aircraft from aerial photos, access to large amounts of data so that the world-famous Tiger Leaping Gorge. In September 1986, the China Yangtze River rafting team Luoyang, China Branch Yangtze River rafting inspection team in the first successful drift Tiger Leaping Gorge, but the Luoyang team in the Sun Zhiling "stars" of the victims Beach, Sichuan, "World Youth" magazine reporter Wanming also lost their lives in this interview will be given to the tragic soul of the tiger Gap jump.

Tiger Leaping Gorge is not only a magnificent natural scenic spots, as well as a great Treasure-house of energy. According to the survey of experts, Tiger Leaping Gorge dam may be built in Asia, to become large-scale cascade hydropower stations on the Jinsha River leading hydropower station and reservoir regulation. Tiger Leaping Gorge in order to develop a huge water resources, the former vice governor of Yunnan Province, Zhang Chong has 8 on-site inspection, he died, family members in accordance with his will, his ashes Gap, Tiger Leaping Gorge in the moving and tragic in so many more heroic.

At the same time, Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge is the birthplace of one of the ancient civilization. Xia Yulong Snow Mountain in the side of many different sizes of caves, ancient human beings live in a cave is a natural government, some still on the wall show the production of ancient life Painting. This new discovery, for Tiger Leaping Gorge wonders added.

Tiger Leaping Gorge is a good place for adventure tourism. At present, there are two tourist routes: first, by drawing from the Old Town of Lijiang city to the sea under the bridge Zhongdian (the town of Tiger Leaping Gorge) into the Gap, along the Haba Snow Mountain and Dong Lu Jiang Shun, the walk takes two days time to time Qi access ; First, the Yulong Snow Mountain from the eastern side of the sub-Ganhai to travel under the road before Tiger Leaping Gorge, Lijiang, to a large rural crossing into the gorge, Sujiangershang, the tiger jumped out from the gorge. Lijiang tourism department will be in the gorge in the construction side of the Yulong Snow Mountain Adventure travel corridor for round-the Yulong Snow Mountain.

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