Thursday, November 27, 2008

Xishuangbanna Jiaoyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

This thick Weng Yu Yu, an orderly arrangement of rubber trees, engraved with the history of land reclamation Banna, is a scratch on the trunk groups of Reclamation's hard to prove, the white glue to the true confessions of those who have sacrificed their lives for the source of rubber Reclamation of the unremitting efforts from the 1948 patriotic overseas Chinese money like Park, Mr. Li Zongzhou to start In, in this beautiful and fertile land left behind a string of solid footprint. To roam in the forest of plastic, has been riding in the accumulation of more than five decades of history on the land, the tree looked forward to more leakage Feng Jian mottled sunlight and look to the sky, only that stunning green. In the shade of a tree, you will not feel hot, not Tailiang think it's the right temperature, the right of the woods. Lin Mao-age plastic, eyeful of the green, white glue, is the overflow of the history of Reclamation, the wheel of history in this roll, the vicissitudes of the past have been carved in scholaris, buried deep in the earth under gel, in the past The end of the past, but this has always been a Be able to forget the land.

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