Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Orange Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chairman Mao has a "spring Changsha Patio": "independent autumn cold, Xiang River to the north, the first orange Chau, Hong Bian see mountains, the storied dye to make" here continents orange on the Xiang River in Changsha city center Is about a tenth of the Long Island Village, Changsha City is a major scenic spots.

Orange Island scenery is pretty good Xiang River flows slowly from the side that little bit of spring Jiangou; Xiaqiu Lin verdant trees; in the winter and Xiaoxiang one of the Eight, "Jiang twilight snow days" to see the scenery. In 1904, opening to the outside world trading port into Changsha, Chau built on the British Consulate, Changsha Shinseki.

Orange is now built on the Island Park There are planting thousands of trees Jieshu, when harvest season, Jieshu on science, this time standing on the first Jimu Chutian Island, it is refreshing. Summer is here, it's a good place to swim water, the island has a natural tourism market.

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