Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thousand Buddha Mountain Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Thousand Buddha Mountain is located in County, Kitagawa, at the junction of Maoxian, the Longmen Mountains to the north-east of Yumai peak height is 2922 meters away from Mianyang, about 100 km. Thousand Buddha Mountain National Forest Park, beautiful natural scenery charming, with an area of 220 square kilometers, the forest coverage rate of 96%, humanities, history and death , Animals and plants rich in resources and ecological set of Buddhist history and culture as one advantage.

  Thousand Buddha Mountain is a Paleozoic sedimentary Silurian wrinkle-paragraph with the southwest side of the towering cliffs, like Daopifuxue, formed under the deep wall of the valley, there are a number of different sizes, different patterns of falls, Hai Zi, wild mountain mu Du Sunrise Peak and the sea of clouds, the Buddha of "one mountain is divided into three zones, view the future," the unique natural landscape.

  Thousand Buddha Mountain towering tall, majestic scene in the vertical distribution of clear weather, the Four Seasons main colors in sharp form, "to see the spring azalea, Xia Wang falls, the tour leaves in autumn, winter snow and ice concept of" a typical sub-alpine State landscape, tall and straight green mountains, magnificent huge rocks, green and luxuriant trees, the panda, golden monkey, and other animals in the mountains between a pair of leisurely, Qi Shan, the strange stone, Shui Sau, the peak risk, You Lin, Mei-yun, constitute a strange Thousand Buddha Mountain The natural scenery.

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