Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Teng Wang Ge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"La Xia and distraction in full strength alone, a total of long-Autumn sky color." This is only the beginning of Tong Chun Wang Bo Famous "Tengwanggexu" in the famous lines. At that time, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province on the river bank Tengwang Ge on a small scale, but it is up over the famous ancient and modern, flying over China.

Nanchong in Sichuan is also a Tengwang Ge, Wang Lee Teng by the pro-Yuan Ying Governor to build, "Shi-Sheng," Du Fu had it been depicting the grand scale. The Pavilion is located 3.5 km north of the city Langzhong Shi Yu Tai Department mountainside. In 662 AD, Li Yuan Ying-lung took over the state (now Lang Zhongshi) provincial governor in person during the Governor Tengwang Ge Jian, as a "song and dance feast, Si Yang Xia Ni, Tian Lie fun" places. Tengwang Ge, is a Tang Dynasty-style Xieshan double down the roof eaves of classical architecture, great momentum, magnificent. Court stands before a stone stupa, the fish was like, 8 meters high, constructed in the 4th century AD, as early as Tengwang Ge more than 200 years, this tower is a wonderful, fantastic visual effects. Court is back Qingshi , Have Yashang hole, hole wall inscribed with Ming SHAO Yuan-Shan Du Fu wrote, "Wang Teng pavilion," a poetic Xingshu. Wall engraved with literary history of poetry Tiyong Tengwang Ge You. Court is a courtyard on the right side of the Taiwan-Hill. Zhuang Fei has pre-cast bronze statue of a horse, 7 meters high. Hachijo hand flying spear, Yang Wei air.

  Poems of the Tang Dynasty Du Fu Yu Yu twice Langzhong, many board Tengwang Ge Fu Shi sentiment, "Wang Teng pavilion", "Yu Taishan" Famous, left, "King Taixie de pillow, Dan lofty ladder can be climbed, the Orioles spring Xiuzhu cry, wear home white clouds Quanfei between "beauty of the sentence.

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