Tuesday, January 13, 2009

3 Lu Lake Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lu Ban Lake Water Park in Sichuan Province is the largest reservoir of one of the three located in the town of Luban, three Luban Lake Scenic Area is named after the provincial government of Sichuan famous scenic tourist area, 13 sq km of water, 278,000,000 cubic meters around the lake 6 bends ditch 12, 89 blocks perpetrators of the hill on the peninsula and islands form, such as mosaic Bjork on the set of precious stones, unique, Pinnacle storied, beautiful, unfathomable mystery of God, the water is full of poetic and cultural tourism is a tributary of the Fujiang River, the birthplace of mung bean River.

  3 Lu Lake Scenic Area is not only are thousands of miles Minjiang River Dam cited water, irrigation, 10,000 ares Tze Tin Changtengjiegua large He has engineering, and the magnificent main project. In the reservoir area to Huguangshanse beautiful, the Four Seasons Qinrenxinpi floral, mildly sweet birds sang, attracting tourists far and near who have been to the reservoir, as a result will notice the poetic and pleasant linger.

  Lu Lake Scenic Area from the three main dams At the end of grade-level stone along the crest board, just a taste of "The Towering Qishan of the dam, around the muddy like Changhong Yu Pan," Feng Zi, into the "unlimited color Shan Kwong, the suspect is flying to the wide cold" position. In front of the display is a beautiful and picturesque Huguangshanse.

  Surrounded by mountains, water days of effective intervention. Wan Wuqian the mu-wide water, submerged six-ditch Bay 12, Hill 42 to form a natural harbor and solitary birds, thousands, holds a leading position.

  Light waves of cool wind, the reservoir level with the unique flavor of fresh, Qinrenxinpi is intoxicated. Hill each in the head and planted a big categories Economic trees and ornamental plants, stock and led to the animals, wild Yamahana, Full. Node aquatic birds on the lake teams, groups of fish in the lake.

  Many small islands, Shui Sau Shan-ching, Green Tree bonus, Yiyi weeping and attractive. All kinds of pleasure craft, to go bankrupt firms in the lake, to the broad and quiet lake with Vitality. Witnessed the scene, the tourists will travel all the way suddenly disappeared, relaxed and happy.

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