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Luo Fu Shan area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Provincial-level scenic spots Luo Fu Shan, an area of about 3 square kilometers. Water vapor rising all the year round, the wind around the clouds, also known as Lau Fau Shan. The steep mountain, in order to conglomerate structure, with karst features, magnificent scenery, attitude million.

  Twelve peak from where they stand, the towering steep, stone, rocks, holes, Valley, customs, during which over Set-hung, odd, quiet, all in one show. With the changes in the landscape and perspective goes a long way, "Wang Cheng-feng side of the ridge as a" sense of aesthetics have a very aesthetic appeal. Blot out the Sun Park, Pinnacle quiet, pleasant weather of summer is the leisure resort, known as "Pinnacle Luo Fu" and "Eight County" in the world.

  Shan Buddhist ago Feiming House, Taoist mountain Yuqing, Ficus erecta and the concept has a long history, pilgrims gathered is Dachaoshan temple worship, religious and cultural feelings of the best places. Qiang Walled City in the mountains there are a number of sites and relics more than 500 years ago, Qiang Ming Dynasty and the ancient battlefield --- wage war, "Qiang Wang city." Taiyi hole and erection hole is the unique landscape. Luo Hill set of natural resources and human resources and a, in western Sichuan is a shining pearl of tourism.

Luo Fu Shan area for the provincial scenic spots located in the city of Mianyang County in the territory by Luo Fu Shan, Baishui Hu, gravel Longquan Temple 3 parts, covering an area of 67 square km, 80 km from Mianyang. Luo Fu Shan book There are spots of the Luo Fu Shan, Jiang Wen Shilin, Parkinson's Seven Sages, a Buddhist Temple Feiming, and so on. Luo Fu Shan mountains in a critical situation, from east to west twelve Qi lower priority, through the clouds and fog, the lofty peak potential, "even non-Ying Chi-feng to-day" reputation.

Twelve Jinping Feng Qiang Wang city under the ruins. Ancient temples, "Chan Feiming "Founded in the Tang Dynasty, the majestic ancient, wind around cigarettes, is in the vicinity of pilgrims to worship. Timorese River Stone Forest by the gravel-like limestone formation of thousands, the wind fell For the wonders of Stone Forest. Seven Sages Bo Bo is a 7, the National Cooper's second-largest. Luo Fu Shan lush vegetation, Lin vast and beautiful scenery. Baishui Hu mountains north Plain-oriented, quiet lake, clear lake, the lake dotted with 23 islands, unique.

  Lush forest on the island, winding Tengluo, enjoy bird song. Lakeshore deep twists and turns, all over the Harbor. Wild ducks, egrets, waterfowl in large numbers, such as Mandarin, Divertimento lake. Longquan Temple gravel for the rare special geological -Made wonders, Sichuan Province is the largest conglomerate caves. Inside the cave, a strange large-scale distribution space, Qulang hall, Shen Jian underground river, deep twists and turns, the strange mystery. There are rare scenic spot in the world, to preserve the integrity of the two million years ago with the Triassic sponge reefs, is a rare geological landscape.

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