Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hua Ming - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hua Ming House, the natural scenery is very general, it has become a famous tourist scenic spots, because this is the hometown of Liu Shaoqi.

November 24, 1898 Liu Shaoqi was born in Hua-ming carbon-floor of a red people, this is a typical farm, the former residence of Liu Shaoqi is a civil Configuration of the courtyard house, there in front of a pond surrounded by woods surrounding the house. There are more than 30 in the yard between Mao tile-roofed house, in addition to room, there is a lot of room tools, housing pigsty, Kaohuo housing, as well as specialized for children with reading of the study.

In the 500 meters away from the former residence of the North Chong Tong Mei The memorial consists of Liu Shaoqi, the museum displays over 800 pieces of cultural relics, including Liu Shaoqi had read some books and daily necessities.

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