Tuesday, January 13, 2009

CHEN House rolls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fruit in the city of Nanchong in the beautiful mountains of Ping's new momentum of the great antique buildings --- floor, rolls, very eye-catching.

  Story House, located in the Ping rolls of the mountain, the construction of the mountain, an area of 100 mu. There are 284 stone from the foot of a mountain directly to the mountain, on both sides of the stone lions guarding Que, Chung Jia Dao Is the home of the people in memory of the three countries on Chen's major contribution to the culture, he was well-read rolls of the floor of the building on the site.

  Mountainside in the central axis, there are two three-Zhong Yan, Xie Shan-style roofs, green glazed tile Hong Zhu, solemnly quaint, followed by an exhibition hall, the exhibition hall, the Court of books, there are wooden pillars on both sides of the corridor Even, the two groups constitute a courtyard-style architecture, the layout of strict Cuoluoyouzhi, verdant forest green.

  A middle of the hall for the young half-length bronze statue of Chen, Gao Ji Face, a long face thick eyebrows, eyes God, full of vigor and vitality. CHEN wall around the family's life and brief. Hall lawn behind the middle of the stone There are elderly Shoushan seated systemic, Mindanao crown with Bo, Zhang Ran Fimbristylis Huai-volume "of the Three Kingdoms" manuscript. To pay respect to the sages demeanor, and respect it. Second horizontal inscribed board above the exhibition hall as a "two-and-transfer", Chen praised the achievements of history with Sima Qian and Ban Gu shoulder to shoulder. There are around 16 Ink and color on the walls of giant paintings, "Huang Jin big effect "To" unify the three ", vividly shows the history of the rise and fall of the three countries. Rolls to enter the third floor, horizontal inscribed board to the ground floor," Fang forever, "reads the upper floors as a" Court of books. "


  Chen is in juvenile when the break rolls of reading, learned to "future pen to write the history of Autumn", and become Sima And Ban Gu's famous Great historian. As an ancient saying goes: Lide, meritorious service, Liyan, San Buxiu also. Chen Shou as a result of the "Three Kingdoms" fame, and Chen also rolls of floor, "Fang vancomycin," who is immortal, an immortal book, the floor is also immortal.

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