Tuesday, January 13, 2009

North Island fresh overseas Shahai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Coastal North Sea is an international tourist city, the air quality ranked first in cities, contains a large number of negative ions in the air, the best holiday tourism and convalescence. Sha Island is located outside the sun in the northern North Sea, surrounded by the sea, were banded with a 2 km long coastline, the best view of the sea. Mya fresh projects outside the island ultimate Zhang Resort and the two main themes of seafood cuisine, and strive to create a good social, economic and environmental benefits.

Mya outside the island fresh 9 functional areas, focusing on building reflects the South Asian and European styles. Different styles of cultures, so that visitors do not leave to go abroad will be able to experience the sense of .

Mya is rare outside the island's largest seafood distribution center in Guangxi and China's most prestigious seafood restaurant area, outside the planning of the new Island following the completion of each year will be held two international food festival seafood on a regular basis in the fireworks display at sea, so that fresh food outside Shahai Popular culture, so that the outside into the sand with Yintan The United States and world-class tourist destination.

Mya fresh development of the outer island of total land area of 450 acres, a project area of 167,000 square meters of land (250 acres), construction area of 80,000 square meters, construction period of 2001-2003, with a total investment of approximately 1 600,000,000 yuan. The development of the second phase will cover the entire island, so that the outer islands as a fresh Sha-tourism, shopping tourism, seafood restaurants, entertainment and leisure in one multi-purpose tourist destination.

Mya fresh from outside the island's world-renowned master planning and design Belt will see Hong Kong companies set up , Continue to carry forward the outside in the fresh Shahai cost-effective style of the food stalls on the basis of full integration of a variety of resources to make things fresh Mya into the North Sea island of tourism is another wonderful.

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