Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Qing group of St. Paul - Chinese tourism scenic spots

St. Paul group in Longchang County North and South customs clearance, were home at the end, the echoes. Has a light 18 (1838) to 13 years Guangxu (1887) Inter. St. Paul the existing 13, North Guan 7, Nanguan 6, the 13 of St. Paul, benevolent Square, 5, 2 merit Square, Square Baishou 11 , 9 meters wide, people in the last 10 meters, more than four-post for the fifth floor of the three-stone-arch construction, dignified style, delicate carvings, the Department of the Qing Dynasty architecture of St. Paul heyday of classic works of history, architecture, sculpture, calligraphy And so on, have a higher value. Sichuan Province is now the heritage unit

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