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Suining Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Suining City of Sichuan Basin is located in the middle of the middle reaches of Fujiang. Clear advantage, 146 km north of Chongqing, 147 km east of Chengdu, Chengdu-Chongqing and equidistant between the two cities into a triangle, economic integration into the economic circle in the Chengdu-Chongqing. Nanchong to the east, west and Deyang, Chongqing in the south, north Mianyang. Guchensuizhou, do not fight city said. Calendar Sichuan for the political, economic, cultural centers, there are "huge Dongchuan town", "city in Sichuan" and "small Chengdu." Suining development has a long history, from the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the calendar for the county, state, government, agency and the county's legacy. In February 1985 the establishment of provincial cities, the jurisdiction is currently shipping the mountains, home District, Peng Xixian, Shehong County British counties. The city's 105 townships, 2216 villages, the area of 5300 square kilometers in size, 257 million mu of arable land. At the end of 2003 the city's total population of 3,808,200, of which the urban population of 646,100 non-agricultural, urban area of about 50 square kilometers and a population of about 400,000. City of total workforce 2,630,000, of whom 2,158,700 were rural labor force. The city's 2003 GDP (GDP) Total 15,919,000,000 yuan, the realization of the local revenue of 476,000,000 yuan.

  To the territory of the landscape for the hills , Hilly area of 70%. North West South East high-low terrain, the wave was dumping relief. The maximum elevation of 674.4 meters, 215 meters above sea level the lowest; mild climate, less light, rainfall, four seasons, the annual average temperature of 18 ?, annual rainfall 907-993 mm. Forest coverage rate reached 30.6% Sichuan is a green city in the first-round target. Suitable for all kinds of crop growth, Sichuan food, cotton, oil, pigs, fruits, vegetables and herbal medicines an important production base; Fujiang from the north and north-south throughout the South, Jiang's wife, Jiang Zi, King River tributaries such as tree branches were -Like distribution. Water is rich in resources, capacity development 17.3 10,000 kilowatts, have been completed on the main stream of Fujiang 6 small and medium-sized hydropower stations. Agriculture and effective irrigation area of 164 hectares; the territory of oil, natural gas, bittern, alluvial gold, shale, sand and gravel resources such as rich reserves, easy-to-exploitation.

  Suining Zhong Ling Yuk Sau, beautiful landscape, rich in natural resources. Habitat Linglong China and the United States of Jinhua Mountain, ha Akagi's vast lakes, ancient temples of the Millennium Lingquan Temple, the first Buddhist temple to the West Guangde Temple, known as "fairy painting" Bao Vatican frescoes, and other scenic spots, elegant or graceful, powerful or sublime, Attracted a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. World oil drilling as the father of the British Zhuo Tsutsui bittern mining technology, China's fifth-largest invention, so far there is "focus Dashun" 18 well preserved, the Millennium Watch, a witness to ancient history.

Suining talents come forth in large numbers, the Gathering of Talents. Early Tang Dynasty poet Chen, "Heaven and Earth to study long, however, only Tixia Pathetique" open generation poetry, and poetry through the ages in China must . Qing Dynasty, "the world is second to none Lian Li," Zhang Peng Ming Chen-he (H�), thus leave it penniless, and outstanding performance go down in history. Can enumerate the Ming Dynasty were well-known e poetess Huang, a famous poet in the Qing Dynasty, Zhang Chuanshan, Chuan under crystal sugar production technology, such as the history of the Tang Dynasty monk Zou celebrity.

  Suining Public Textile, food, chemicals, machinery for the pillar of the industrial structure to take shape, Tuopai Sichuan, star power, Sichuan Meifeng, Sichuan Jinhua, Yin-hua Huafang five famous listed companies at home and abroad. Suining prosperity and commerce, a huge market potential has always been in Sichuan for the region's largest distribution center for goods and materials. Has completed Chuan-class family in the central wholesale market of goods, the largest market in Sichuan. Financial services, strong. Labor, science and technology, information and real estate market has become increasingly active elements. Multi-function, multi-level marketing network to take shape, business, circulation, market structure has taken shape.

Suining use of the unique "two-faced landscape in the middle of a city," the advantage of the natural environment, built to highlight the ecological features landscape of the modern city. Suining, Sichuan Province is emerging as an important transport hub and commercial center, a regional central cities and ecological garden city.

  Jian City in the past 20 years, According to the municipal party committee session established the city in line with the actual development, as laid the foundation for the development of Suining. Since 2000, in accordance with the central speed up the development of western China's deployment of the provincial party committee and determine the type of catch-up, leap-forward development of the strategic requirements of the municipal party committee to develop a "science and technology as the guide, strengthen infrastructure construction The basic position of agriculture and promoting the industrialization and urbanization, information technology, the realization of the city, district and county economic development and positive interaction, Shi Benji Shehong County and the first to leap to promote the rapid growth of the national economy "(three, on the basis of the two, a pilot ) The development of ideas. Identified in the first decade of this century, it is necessary to build Suining " Chuanqiu Jingjijiangshi hills area, initially built in the central Sichuan Basin and transport hub and commercial center, the regional ecological environment improvement, and coordinated economic and social development, and strive to achieve new leaps and bounds, "the overall goal. Implementation of the past four years, the city's economic development step by step to speed up the pace , Infrastructure construction, industrial restructuring, City significantly speed up urban construction, investment environment and opening to the outside world improved.

  Suining convenient traffic. 318 State Line Road, Highway 205 line into the south highway, railway reached at this intersection, intensity of urban and rural roads. Yu was fast railway, highway construction into the Well, to Mianyang, Suining, Neijiang the highway and the railway has been included in the planning, the future will be the connecting Chongqing, Chengdu, Sichuan and north-east of the province's second-largest hub. In 2003 the city's highway mileage has reached 2474 km, 98 km highway, primary and secondary road 367 km railway 78 km mileage cars. Communications developed by leaps and bounds, in 2003 the urban and rural fixed phone users reached 283,300 mobile phone subscribers reached 248,400. Cable TV subscribers reached 525,300. Energy development and the introduction of independent power equal emphasis on the total power installed capacity reached 21.32 KW, Fujiang power development and speed up the pace of urban and rural power grids.

  Urban construction with each passing day. City, county and the focus of a large number of coordinated development of small cities and towns, strengthen the service function, the face of rapid change. Strengthened the central city planning, construction and management of the completion of a number of Infrastructure projects, Economic and Technological Development Zone, east new, innovative new industrial park three of the rapid development, rapid expansion of the size of the city, the urban population is increasing rapidly. City resident population of close to 400,000 people, with an area of about 50 square kilometers. The city's urbanization level of 18%.
The sustainable development of the national economy. In 2003 the city's GDP amounted to 15,919,000,000 yuan and 4180 yuan per capita. The added value of primary industry 4,842,000,000 yuan, the added value of production 5,349,000,000 yuan, the tertiary industry added value 5,728,000,000 yuan, one, two, three industries accounted for GDP Accounting for 30.4:33.6:36.0; total fixed asset investment to complete the total amount of 6,169,000,000 yuan, a number of key infrastructure projects and technical transformation project is to speed up the implementation; the completion of municipal revenue 476,000,000 yuan; total volume of retail sales 6,634,000,000 yuan; agriculture Basis for further Solid. Restructuring and accelerate the industrialization of 2003, total output of 1,454,600 tons of food, slaughter pigs 3,047,500, the total output of vegetables 929,900 tons. The establishment of a number of high-quality agricultural and livestock production, industrial enterprises reached 36; in the textile, food, drink, drive And chemical industries as the mainstay of economic development, Tuopai, Jinhua, Yin-hua, Feng Mei, the five-star listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets in order to form a good performance is quite reputable, "Suining plate," Feihong, Pearl Advantages such as rapid business expansion, the strength significantly increased, led the city's industrial economy of speed efficiency. 003 years of industrial enterprises above designated size 6,463,000,000 yuan output value, added value 3,781,000,000 yuan, total profit 397,000,000 yuan; the gradual deepening of enterprise reform, the rapid development of private economy, the end of 2003, individual industrial and commercial households 59,542, employing 75,438 people, the private sector 16 5, employing 20,749 people.

  All-round social progress. Formed a relatively complete system of education, in 2003 there are 1868 types of schools, 610,800 students were. Primary school-age children enrollment rate of 99.95 percent, in regular schools 1 2, 99,500 students, 255,600 students in the school, senior high school enrollment rate than the province's high level of 20 percentage points, taking college entrance rate of 77%, the highest ranked of the province. Various types of scientific research and development in the city have 77 bodies, professional and technical staff of 6.5 million titles, in 2003, the new 50 applications for patents, patent organizations to implement projects to add value 269,000,000 yuan, a tax 46,670,000 yuan; health care and cultural and sports facilities continue to improve, speed up the pace of industrial development.

  Continue to improve people's lives. 2003 urban residents per capita disposable land 5404 yuan, and net income of farmers per capita 2187 yuan. Urban residents per capita living space of 20 square meters, farmers per capita living space of 30 square meters. Urban health care, unemployment, old-age insurance coverage to reach 90%, 100%, 100%. In 2003, the city through various channels re - Industry's 25,500 unemployed persons, registered urban unemployment rate at the end of 10,324 people registered urban unemployment rate of 4.92 percent.

  Sichuan Pearl - Suining, a good investment environment, abundant natural resources and huge market potential. We welcome people from all walks of life and country Foreign businessmen was to visit, expand cooperation and investment in the development of Suining together to create a better future.

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