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Meishan Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Meishan City, Gu Cheng Meizhou, 1500 have been years ago. Sichuan Province is the historical and cultural city. Known as "qi pregnant when the show has here, while you're Yu Ran poetry book city" in the world. Known as the "Hometown Dongpo, the word rural China, the ancient city of Shi-Shu, Taoist Holy Land, the longevity of the state." Meishan government building, started in three South Qijian Wu (496), the qianwei County South County Habitat Wu Qi Jian Tong left County. Southern General Liang period (520-527), Qi County, the left-called gun-Qi, Qi Jian-gun County, with the county government in a city. Taiqing 2002 (548) set up Green Island, Qi-county jurisdiction, state-Qi county government Western Wei Fei Di 2002 (553) to Green Island for the Meizhou, Qi-jurisdiction, the two Qingcheng County, the state-Qi county government.
  2002 Mingdi the Northern Zhou Dynasty (558) Tong Qi withdrawn County, home of the new Lok County, east slope of today's legacy in the town, still Meizhou. Jiande first year (572) Meizhou to Green Island. First year of the big city (57 ) Qingzhou Jiazhou change.
  Sui Kaihuang three years (583) County Waste-to-deposit states. The great cause of 2002 (606) Jiazhou change for the resumption of Meizhou, the state government to move the county seat-yi (east slope of this town). Back building, Meishan County, Longyou Jun Zhi, Ji Jin Leshan City Central.
  Takenori the first year of Tang (618) changed Meishan County Kerry . The following year, Jia Zhou split from Meizhou, jurisdiction Tong Yi, Dan Leng, Hongya, Nanan (Jiajiang today) and Green County, 5 of God, is Jiannan, the state rule-town justice. Tianbao the first year (742) revocation of Meizhou, to home-yi County. Qianyuan the first year (758) revocation of gun-yi, the resumption of Meizhou, are Nishikawa Jiannan Road.
  Song Ping and rejuvenating the first year (976)-called Yixian County, Meishan under way Nishikawa Meizhou. Meishan, The Link, Pengshan, Dan Leng, God Green County 4.

  14 million Yuan (1277) Meizhou is the way Jiading. Meishan County, 20 years removed from state control, while Dan Lengxian into Meizhou. Wu Ming-hong nine-year (1376), fell to Meizhou Meixian, in the Jiading jurisdiction of the state. The following year, Pengshan, Danleng into Meixian, Jia Zhou Qing into God. Meixian complex for 13 years promoted to Meizhou, Sichuan directly under the Secretary Buzheng Shi, Meishan County, still control the state, counties receive 3: Dan Leng, Pengshan, Green God. In 2-year revocation of the resumption of Meizhou Meishan County, southern Sichuan Road is on. The following year, a change Jianchang Road. 17-18 year-Road withdrawn. Sichuan Province, home of 24 years, the Chief Inspector of the Fourth District, located in Meishan County Commissioner, Meishan jurisdiction, Pengshan, Dan Leng, the Green God, Jiajiang, Hongya, Dayi, Qionglai, and the Pujiang Mountain 10 .
  After the liberation in January 1950 for Meishan area, located in Meishan County Commissioner, is the Civil Administration in western Sichuan, the jurisdiction of 10 counties, with the liberation of the Chief Inspector of the Fourth District County jurisdiction, after the draw Dayi, included in Xinjin. March 5, 1953 revocation of Meishan area, Meishan County, was placed under the jurisdiction of the Leshan area Pengshan in 1959, Green and God together for a Meishan County, said the Meishan County, two counties in November 1962 to restore the county system. Xian Zhu Meishan 1968 Leshan region, a province in 1985 exempted the city of Leshan (Leshan into the region).

  Meishan has a long history, Renjiedeling. History and culture of celebrity That there are "longevity of ancestors," the doctor Shang Peng, Taoist Master Zhang Ling Road, Western Jin Dynasty writer Li Mi Song Su three major literary giant and his son, a famous prime minister Mr Li, Kim's anti-Yuyun Wen, Liang Shi Tao Li, Peng end of the Qing Dynasty writer-sook, Leung Chun-known geologist and geological generation of masters, the new geological cause of the pioneers of China One of the founders of Huang Jiqing, a founder of the School Chang'an, known as the "Oriental Van Gogh", "Geezers in the art world," Shi Lu, Jian Huang Sichuan Opera playwright and well-known Chinese painting and calligraphy, poet and art educator Feng Jian Wu. By the Tang and Song, Meishan and Hangzhou, Jianyang and dominating for the three carved Chinese version of the printed book center. There Dongpo culture, and cultural life, culture, Taoism, Buddhism, the culture of bamboo, water culture and many cultural characteristics. Meishan Dongpo Cultural Festival, the Festival Shouxing Peng, God Green Bamboo Festival, Orange Flower Festival, Taiwan will Hongya, Wa Wushan Rhododendron Festival, the Ice and Snow Festival, Wa Wushan International Taoist Cultural Festival, the loquat Renshou Section, the suona Danleng Arts Festival, the old Asan, "June 6" (Chinese) will Dachaoshan ... ... Prachuab known, famous overseas.

  This beautiful land, resources and tourism spots and more extensive, the East "Chengdu garden" of the scenic spot in Sichuan Province, "The Thousand Island Lake" and Renshou Longtan, the West "W Cold spring after the snow pile, "the state-level forest park and Wa Wushan at the provincial level scenic spots fish tank Beach, South Su young people have the time to study," Shu Ming Si, "Green God in the rock," Jiang Qiang Ying-ping into the water, "Ping Qiang Small Three Gorges, the North has long blessed Peng Shan, as well as "ancient ancestral temple sites in Southern states," the three historical sites, such as Su Temple. Either party who support land and water. Meishan who know how to enjoy life, so food can be seen in Meishan, the most well-known than the east slope of the elbows, and even the street snack of delicious grilled pork chop is also full of praise. Meishan You see beautiful mountains and rivers, the east slope of goods poetry, literary giant famous dish taste, so happy immortals, Have been enjoying the heart, not the United States and Kenya!

  The city's existing industrial machinery, electronics, electricity, chemicals, food, coal, textile, paper, building materials, metallurgy, and other categories, with a number of countries, businesses and provincial-level advanced countries, quality products Province. There are well-known national railway vehicles Factory production - Meishan vehicle plant, it is important telecommunications equipment manufacturers - Chengdu, posts and telecommunications equipment factory. Meishan, Pengshan County to Glauber's salt as raw materials to produce chemical products of industrial enterprises have begun to take shape. Agricultural products as raw materials to the region's food, feed industry in the ascendant. Private enterprises began to rise, Wei Tong Group Watson Group, Zhong Hui Group has been among the nation's top 500 private enterprises, of which the second-ranked Granville of the Group.

  The city's mild climate, abundant rainfall, a long frost-free period, all kinds of water conservancy facilities spread all over, and suitable for agriculture, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry industry in the development of a long history of grain, cotton, oil, concentrated swine District and out of the district. 201,300 hectares of cultivated land, grain output of 1,689,000 tons; per capita grain possession of 504 kilograms, per capita net farmers received up to 1778 yuan. The territory has completed the construction of grain, oil, meat, fruit, pigs, buffaloes, cows, fish, poultry, such as dozens of the country, the province Goods production base, not only to regional characteristics, and there are a lot of variety and quality products, with strong market competitiveness.

  Meishan is rich in natural resources. There are underground deposits of gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, zinc, coal, gypsum, and so on more than 20 kinds of Glauber's salt, Glauber's salt reserves total 65 Million tons. Is rich in water resources, Minjiang, Qingyi Jiang of the two main north-south rivers throughout spent River, an River, Ling Ping River, and so on more than 300 rivers and streams throughout the region, the territory's water resources can be developed up to 800,000 kilowatts, the current Only the development of 200,000 kilowatts. Beach fish tank has been built, such as Huaxi, mini-motorcycles Block 100. Primeval forest and plantation cover up 27.47 percent.

The use of local resources, by qiao Mingteyouxin foreign species, our region has carefully nurtured characteristics of agriculture, after years of effort, 4-level "characteristics of the villages," stand out, I become the area's economic development in rural areas receive Sheep.

  China's Orange Township in November 1999, Meishan County, has been States Department of Agriculture, "Techanzhixiang China" and recommended organizing campaign as a "China town orange." From the beginning of the 1980s, Meishan County, the start of navel orange selection for breeding, and produce a large color of fresh fruit, delicious You "orange Meishan," many times as the national high-quality fruits, are cultivated area reached 120,000 hectares, annual production of 9.6 million tons sold in Beijing, Shanghai, Shaanxi, and other 20 provinces, municipalities and sales Revenue more than 1,5 billion.

  Chinese loquat town in May 1998, Ren Gong Wen County, the State Department of Agriculture were awarded the "Chinese loquat town." The use of the area is located in the Longquan Mountain geographical features, the introduction of the "big five-star" quality loquat, the scale of up to 2,5 million hectares of plantations, with an annual output of more than 4000 tons loquat. "The palace loquat" Seyan Rouhou large sweet fruit in the world famous, year after year does not become available For the product.

  Sheds Orange Chinese town in October 1999, the Qing Shenxian specialty of the National Committee was named "Chinese mandarin town shed." Sheds Orange, red and orange Guanggan hybrid of new varieties of fruits, such as their skin orange, tangerine and meat like, very sweet flavor. Green mandarin is God shed up to 10 million mu of cultivated area, Output of 60,000 tons, accounting for 75% of the output of Sichuan. Products exported to Singapore, Hong Kong and all over the country.

  Chinese bamboo art town in 1996, the Qing Shenxian urban and rural areas south of the Ministry of Culture has been awarded the "Chinese bamboo art town", in June 2000, the Qing Shenxian was awarded the National Ministry of Culture 11 county-level "Chinese bamboo art town." The county's existing base of 60,000 hectares of bamboo, bamboo 2 million employees, annual output value of more than 200,000,000 yuan. "God Green bamboo" due to plane bamboo, eight representative Chun map, chart Batey, a hundred tiger map, and so on Painting Scroll, the best-selling products in Japan, Korea, which are sold on Painting Scroll a price of bamboo up to 160,000 yuan, the export of Korean Painting Scroll a price of bamboo up to 160,000 yuan, sold to South Korea's Pak Tai plans a price of up to four or five bamboo art Million.

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