Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Longshan look for scenic tourist area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longshan look for scenic tourist area by the Mianyang Shunosaurus heavily Tourist Co. Ltd. to build the set of "leisure, recreation, sports, tourism," as one of the scenic tourist destination.

  Longshan look for scenic tourist area located in the Sichuan city of Mianyang County Old South town, a scenic tourist Jiuzhai Link, starting from Chengdu, the three Guanghan Heap, Deyang, backed by Luo Fu Shan, the Thousand Buddha Mountain, with a total area of 3.14 square kilometers.

  Chinese scenic spots are the second batch of national geological parks, there are peculiar karst rocks and gravel base, Qi Xiu-Shu Han and natural scenery in one human life and Prachuab fame. Wolong area by the hole, Hidden Dragon Town Tomb of Sha Ting, Singapore Dragonscale Stone Forest, Parc Royale Plaza, Wu Caichi drug hot springs bath, bath space Home Wolong, Sichuan Home Spa Villa, and other major attractions pose. New scenic landscape, the best services, improve the supporting facilities.

  At present, the reception area can be 400 people dining at the same time, more than 180 residential, 400 Bath Stephen, 60-bath space to enjoy. Wolong hole at the same time be able to receive 3,000 hole adventure.

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