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Big Buddha Rongxian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Large Buddhist temple located in the outskirts of large Rongxian Foshan (also known as the Rock) foothills of the mountain 414 meters above sea level. Mid-levels above, a towering stone Zuofo Nyorai Buddha, the Buddha Statue at the World Rongxian said. Fu-body high 36.67 meters, 8.76 meters long head, shoulder width 12.67 meters, 12 meters knee-high, 3.5 meters wide feet, Smaller than that of the Leshan Giant Buddha Maitreya, the Buddha Statue at the stone for China in the second. Published in July 1980 in Sichuan Province for the protection unit. According to the Qing Emperor Qianlong for Big Yellow, "Wing County," the Conference: "Foshan City in the first, the Big Buddha carved Tong Yan San, and Qi Shan, the Hall of ten-frame, high-proclaimed 47, ten feet wide Five-Year Plan. This Buddha Wei , And Ying feast anyway, for a long time not being in Huangyanmancao. "ZHAO Xi Yi Ren for" Wing County) contained in that the Buddha Statue at the Department of Rongxian Song Shenzong Yuanfeng 2008 (1085), monk-sun repair raise Germany, Yuanyou 2007 (1092) into. But when the moment is still No conclusion.'s Big Buddha Temple words, Huasi opening of the Tang Dynasty, Big Buddha Temple said. After a large-scale rehabilitation of the Song Dynasty, Simen arrived in Xian today. Binghuo temples destroyed in late Ming and early Qing Qing reconstruction Jiaqing years. After the renovation and expansion from time to time, because of topographical constraints, the only temple on the mountain and powerful; the Mountain Gate retreat to the Center for the Giant Buddha on both sides to start, mainly due to the Main Hall Kwun Yam Temple, the Temple in Tibet, the Dharma Hall, Ocean's Church, Canon House, the abbot rooms, halls and so on composition of the Buddhist temple. Yamashita Yuan Wang Shan-lin; Cuolayouzhi ancient temples. End of Qing Dynasty, the temple incense extremely strong, the men and women in neighboring counties, or towards Mount Emei, under the direction or ding, must pass through Rongxian towards the Big Buddha. After the liberation, lost in a long time , The temple has been damaged. "Cultural Revolution" after the all-round maintenance of the temple repaired with State funds, to plant more trees. Now, the whole temple covers an area of 20,000 square meters, construction area of 2000 square meters, were all old buildings or architectural style of the ancients. Yamashita tree-lined hill, the long-standing cultural and beautiful natural scenery for the financial , The formation of southern Sichuan area quite attractive scenery and historical sites of. Temple Mountain Gate in the foothills of the north-west, in front of the lions of l, magnificent. Into the Mountain Gate, and rising. Hall for the first-Chongyanxieshan temples. Tatu plastic Maitreya hall, said the bag was a monk, known as Dadu Rohan, Rohan laugh. Terauchi Most of the Buddhas for the worship of Buddha and imported characters, only this respect Ocean Road is the Chinese people. Moreover laughing Rongxian the Ocean-wide famous Sichuan, as a result of a plastic mouth curved Qiao Mei, very funny, look at all the people laugh, and laughter through the mouth of the Ocean resonate, it also seems to have heard Ocean's happened, "Ka Kaka," the laughter This respect for the existing Ocean's smile was up for the plastic, and although there are different compared to the past. However, there are well-known calligrapher who Rongxian LIU Qian Li accompanied by joint title, or complement it. Alliance says: smile gave everything Fuzhiyixiao ancient and modern; Tatu can leisurely days to allow people to what the customer does not. Zhong Yan Main Hall is on top of temples. The worship hall Rongxian of the mountain for the stone Buddha, is on both sides of the clay sculpture of Guanyin and the possession of land. Main Hall was Dan Yan Dian-frame four-story building, the old people can only "From a distance, the Big Buddha head. Near the foot to see the Big Buddha." Zhongyanxieshan are four antique-style architecture, full name of the body floor of the Big Buddha, known as the Buddha Statue at the floor. Gordon House, the Big Buddha, the layers can watch the Big Buddha Attitude, but also left by the Mid; turn right Xiao Taiwan. Top of the television, should head up to Buddha Pavilion, you might see a little perspective, Yuanshanjinshui, Rongcheng style. Panoramic view. Rongxian large Buddhist temple since the revival of the Qing Dynasty, is a case of the Shan, one of the Rinzai cases, the Shan, also known as the Big Buddha Temple. Where were the Shan temple worship will Damo Zu division. Chia-ching 20 Year (1816), Gong Jian Gui donor county magistrate in the west of the cliff on the Big Buddha carved pounds, "Bodhidharma crossing map." Bodhidharma, the Indian monk in the South, the nam Liusong from the sea late to Guangzhou, capital of Emperor Wu met Jianye (Nanjing), spread Zen Buddhism, Zen Buddhism in China's opening, said the World Damo Zu division. Rongxian Bodhidharma crossing map "based on Dharma and Huabutouji Emperor Wu, was crossing to Hill's Shaolin Temple this story. Bodhidharma main high as 4.9 meters, almost Yuandiao. Tat extravagant useful Buddhist monk's staff and the Netherlands, put futon And straw sandals, raised his left hand Fozhu, Fozhulili few. Founder of fat in the first round. Spasm processes, the two heads of Yuan Zheng. There are bright , Chang Lu chest and abdomen, was cross-rib, chivalrous appears to be strong. Behind fish rolling over the waves, wind up Sengyi, foot reed, a U-turn are still standing in the raging waves, rather, "Who said that wide river, a reed of route" charm. Giant Buddha's halfway up the mountain cliff, relics have said, "Xiao Taiwan." Legend has it that the Yellow Emperor Xuan Son of noise when hunting in this small . For "Taiwan noise." Chuan Wei, Jin and Sun also famous for Deng Rong, Zhang Xiao stage, the sound of melodious, like the Voice of the Phoenix; it is the Northern Song Dynasty, "the state map by Wing," called "Deng Xiao Sun Taiwan." Taiwan was also the Tang and Song Xiao cliff Cliff Figures, Western Paradise, Ocean's 18, "Ocean's niche group of" high-profile niche 3 4 meters, 4.6 meters wide and 0.46 meters deep, carved within 6 Rohan, of which 3 have been destroyed in the head. Rohan split among six relief a peach tree, a hanging branches Avenue. By the Ocean Avenue, a cross between his hands on their chests, leisurely: Xiantao face another respect, it seems indifferent. Figures showed that they detached Dust, Cyril not moved by air. This layout of the sculpture for the National rare, some research value, for "The Complete Works of Sichuan Chinese grotto art sculpture" collection. "Xiao County of Taiwan, a total victory." Tang and Song dynasties, when this word has Xuan Dong threshold, the Northern Song Dynasty built "a victory Pavilion" for people with temporary tone. If Jimu stage, is expected to East Wei, the Big Buddha, the West can look down deep Longdong. Since the Tang and Song dynasties, people here are happy place to visit. Rendezvous in the history of the Pavilion, Yu Xuan Dong early damage threshold. In 1982, according to ancient records, try to figure out the Song Dynasty, "a victory Pavilion" site in Taiwan Xiao side of the reconstruction, "a victory Pavilion", adequate rest for a little perspective, pay the ancients.

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