Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yi-meter floor Mochizuki - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chengdu meters from the railway via e-linked list Township, Seomang Ping Chuang, from green, a red arch Pavilion, which is the provincial city of Panzhihua document protection unit Mochizuki floor.

  Mochizuki floor timbers with mortise end, the square on the ground floor and six two-story pavilion square, hexagonal Cuanjian Ding organic links, supporting a well - Despite wind and rain and 200 light years, 10 years, 13 years and three major earthquake to the present day. Very rare. As the early construction of the mosque, it has the nature of the religious heritage, but also because of their unique design, clever ideas, and more on the first floor, for the construction of the few Muslim province, it also has the art of ancient buildings antiquities Value.

  Bang linked mosque was built in the early years of Emperor Kangxi, our mosque is one of the early construction. Temple-wide area about 1200 square meters, the compact layout of the compact. Chapel for the ride west to east Xieshan Ding construction, from the South and the North Gate Tower and the composition of the hatchback. The gatehouse has changed in the Islamic style, and built a three three-Zhong Yan Pavilion across the street-Gate Tower, at the same time faced with a six foot seven canopies three outstanding wishful corner brackets, and the bottom four-five outstanding weight-foot arch, to be concise summary of the relief decoration, up from a refined and sophisticated is the Pavilion is the Gate Tower Not only for the imam calls for believers, "Ma Lord" (prayers), for visitors Denglou sentiment of the Moon Jia Jing floor, so called "Moon House."

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