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Jincheng Mountain Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jincheng Hill 48 kilometers away from the Gaoping City, a branch Mountain, 821 meters above sea level, located in the Gaoping, Peng An, Yuechi three counties (districts) at the junction. Hectares of forest area near, the mountains are sacred Buddhist Temple in Jincheng, ancient buildings Um Kim, jincheng wonders of the "golden door fog, the head hold by the sun, the Po Lin shengdeng, Longquan sword play." In 18 years, "newly Nanchong County," set: "Jincheng ..... weeks back Barry Hill, a number of forward-looking town. There are 99 peaks, the 36-chuen, 48 holes, wins crown hung in the whole town. .... No summer in the mountains, that is, the fall winter. "Azalea now has a mountain villa, Villa-song rhyme, catering, accommodation , Entertainment facilities, is the leisure, tourism, the best place for summer.

  Jincheng Mountain - children mill located in the scenic beach area Gaoping wins inside view of the town, an area of about 4771 acres, of which 3171 mu of forest area, 1,600 acres of water area, in 1991 by the State Forestry Department for approval of the Forest Park. The dense forest area, animals and plants and a large variety of people viewing the natural landscape, leisure, swimming's a good place for fishing.

  Jincheng Mountain Forest Park, Hill jincheng main peak of 824 meters above sea level, the Department of the mountains of northern Sichuan, the Buddha of the original 72 to one of the world. Jincheng Mountain Forest Park area with many different Qi Shan , King ancient rocks, there are 99 peaks, the 36-chuen, 48 holes.

  1, Zhai Men steep. Gold Peak to the need for the first pass, Zhaimen the right side of the wall engraved with the next 46 years Wanli of the story rather than monument. 2, Kim Um temples. A total of three, the beam carrying Ink Qianlong 18 years book title in mind. 3, Kam Shing Temple Kangxi Dynasty 46, Shun Shan temple built, the Mountain Gate for the six-row 5, pleasing simplicity. 4, Nanjing door. King is a "four wonders", a natural stone, was the top of a huge rock Gap will be firmly locked, to prescribe both the lower end of the Shihmen, as a "Southern Golden Gate" and a "door of Nanjing." Gordon Nanjing door As early as sea of clouds can view the sunrise, to see the spring azalea Man Shan, listen to the summer of rolling Songtao, better weather, the Jimuyuantiao, Wan Yan Jialing River in the sky. 5, son of holes to play. Is in accordance with the construction of the North Cave Temple, inside the carved Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, the disciples, more than 100 Book respect. 6, Longdong old. Construction on the northern cliff, only to allow people to walk alone. There are springs out, falling into the hands of a few Shizhang valley, the scenery is spectacular. There are Jiaoding Hill, the top god, stone by the sun, leaving the legend of the beautiful, it is Xiasi.

  Jincheng Mountain Forest Park in scenic beach wear children reservoirs, more than 1,000 acres of surface water storage 1,300,000,000 cubic meters, the mountains around the ups and downs for the forest, Penny coverage. Variety of fish here, to reach more than 100 re-jin.

  Jincheng Mountain Forest Park, built Guanbao Ting inside the area, the revitalization of the kiosks, kiosks Lake, Lake traveled corridor, and so on, dozens of cruise ships have all kinds of people for fun, and so by way of two rivers upstream, exploration Xunyou Odd, really arrogant. Reception area also features , Nursing homes and places of entertainment, restaurants, to provide visitors a unique flavor and color of the entire Hong English fish and game seats seats.

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