Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mianyang, Leshan-rich area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mianyang, Leshan-rich area is located in Mianyang City, two kilometers east, is a known landscape architecture, into three sites, combined with the new scenic landscape. Han Jian-16, Ru Shu Liu Bei, Liu Zhang extended to the mountains, drinking music very, Liu exclaimed: Kenya rich! Today, even the music! Leshan named Fu.

Fu Leshan High, wide-soo, a Blair said as the "first Mianzhou Hill." Area development and construction of power on the mountain, the undue delay in accordance with the landscape Yamagata, the use of classical Chinese landscape gardening practices, taking the hills and water in the two essential elements to Wild in the mountains for the characteristics of dependence on the verdant trees, natural water features, like Suzhou gardens built in the Ming and Qing Style, so that the buildings and vegetation changes in the formation of a unified whole. Have been completed and the size of more than 50 attractions, the famous "Yuzhou Park" and "Forest of Stone Tablets Mianzhou", "Fuller House", "Fuller Hall."

Mian Zhou Qian Yumi Forest of Stone Tablets with embedded rocks carved thousands of paintings and calligraphy. Fuller Court is One of the tallest building in the district, Denglou far, Mianyang City, "Science City" panoramic view.

  Fuller Fuller also known as the Temple Church, built in the Song Dynasty, the 1989 reconstruction, interior layout of the story of three sculptures, vivid characterization, Furong Creek provisional front, after the peak Baogai Hill, on both sides of the gurgling water, shade Young, quiet elegant environment.

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