Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weizhou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beihai City in Guangxi have the largest island of Weizhou Island. Weizhou Island is located in the North Sea 36 sea miles south-east of the peninsula, from south to north 65 km long, running from east to west 6 km wide, 79 meters above sea level the highest, is the largest of the youngest volcanic island.

Live on the island has more than 2000 households, more than 16,000 population More than 85% are Hakka, not only on the island climate and rich resources, beautiful scenery, charming scenery, like spring all year round warm and humid climate, rich in negative oxygen ions in fresh air and pleasant, with the World Tourism sector to the note of the "three S (sea water sea, sun sun, the sand on the beach tourism Very rich source of the island; it has long been known as "Penglai," said the fairy islands.

Yintan Weizhou Island and the North Sea across the sea, the Shan people eruption condensate from reactor, is China's largest, the youngest volcanic island, Weizhou Island sea, marine and unique Karst landscape, the coastal blue sea bottom, Harbor live Hu, expensive magic magnificent seafood, a wide range; in the southern sea volcanic Harbor strange beautiful, charming beaches, while walking side pick up conch, shells found. Its arch-bi tired turtles, water screen for Dan King in the North Sea King II. Blot out the Sun shade on the island, the Four Seasons fragrance. Three Great Temple, the Temple of the Virgin and God, and other building features deleted funeral. Islanders hospitality Honest hard-working, can collect antiquity.

In the high-altitude bird's eye view, with an area of 25 square kilometers of Weizhou Island is like an emerald floating in the deep blue sea. Set foot on the volcanic island, crashed into the eye is a unique marine sea of volcanic lava landscape and the landscape - Hantaikeju ridge down the river, the crocodile Shi Xu-xu Health, water-BUZZ spring, just as if the red volcanic eruptions over ... ...

Sheng Tang is located in the village of France's Catholic Church, but also in the late 19th century and settled on the island, taking in all the materials on the island of coral, rock, after years of a century, is still strong unabated. More than 400 years ago, a famous dramatist Tang Ming Dynasty Zu tour of the island, wrote, "shot on Weizhou profile, oblique style of other ocean island," the poem.

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