Tuesday, January 13, 2009

North carved rock - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the northern slope of the Longshan weight. "China's famous Dictionary" is also included: "The capital of the Middle East, West, North and South have four rock stone, and to the north of the most beautiful rock carvings." Cliff Figures in the old gentleman and Stephen North rock wall between the top two, a total of 160 Ten niches, 1648. North intramural rock-chuen, a gentleman, there are intramural Su Shu The strong cool "fish call" the three characters. Northern Rock and counterparts of the Royal West of the stone rivers. Ocean City-East is also very famous rock carving. Rock the Middle East, "The Story of the Buddha say Nianhua map" for the country only. Since the Tang Dynasty carved up the river in Hunan Wu Yan Lugong the "Chung Hsing Chung Tang Dynasty" is the first life Yanlu Gong Calligraphy. Wu River has carved the original destroyed in the Sichuan capital and jiange only in two.

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