Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Li Bai Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Li Bai's large-scale memorial, flavor of the Tang-style buildings, in memory of Chinese poet Li Bai in the Tang Dynasty built the memorial. Qinglian field, including hometown of Li Bai, Li Bai Memorial Hall in the urban areas, Taibai Park, sea and light and Taebaek-dong, and other martial arts attractions. Li Bai is the Memorial Hall in 1962 to commemorate the death of Li Bai in 1200 to build the Memorial water on three sides, Yoo Sung Chuk Yam, a quiet elegant. Collection has more than 4,000 pieces of cultural relics, rare calligraphy of Li Bai.

  Li Bai Memorial Hall is located in Sichuan Province in the north county Jiangyou Ba Zhen Li Bai's native place. Li Bai in 1962, when the death anniversary of the 1200 preparations, built in 1981. Memorial Hall is There are the classical style of the Tang Dynasty-style garden pavilion Museum, in October 1982 opened.

Memorial stock of Yuan, Ming and Qing Li Bai's works version 80, 700. Ming and Qing Dynasties, as well as modern and contemporary painting and calligraphy treasures 2738. Song, Ming and Qing stele 16, in which a goods 3. "Don Lee Jiu Zhai County Health notable milestone and order "engraved on the five-year-Song Min-sun, (994), 2.94 m high monument, 1 m wide and 0.24 meters thick, the 25 line, 54 characters per line. "Daming Si and the abbot in mind," the monument, engraved with the Song Xi-ning in the first year (1068), Monument 2.1 meters high, 0.97 meters wide and 0.22 meters thick 30 line inscription.

  Li Bai Memorial Hall before the Northern Song Dynasty and another lithography of a Shek Ngau. Li Bai is a national memorial to commemorate, research centers, known as "the poetry of the Kingdom, the temple of the arts."

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