Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wu Ping Bao Ensi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bao Ensi Scenic Area is located in Mianyang city in the territory Pingwu County, Bao Ensi scenic 184 km from Mianyang. Bao Ensi area to the center, including the scenic Baoen Si Wanglang Nature Reserve, the White Horse Tibetan areas, scenic spots, such as Rhododendron Hill.

  Ming Bao Ensi behalf of the orthodox five-year, with an area of 27,000 square For pure nanmu structure of the palace-style buildings. Legend has it that an office Xuanfu Si Qian Long Wang Qian matter for the plot to Wang, Beijing secretly like palace built Palace, the imperial court was aware of before convert the temple, were Baoen Si.

  Terauchi momentum magnificent temples, the layout of rigorous, with the Pavilion has embraced. There are Hall of Heavenly Kings, Treasure Palace hung, Foge million, the Great Mercy Temple, Kegon possession of the North and South Beiting, the third bridge, tower, such as the Mountain Gate. Hall clay sculpture, wood carving, stone carving and wall paintings, carved all, a wonderful spectacle. There are scenic spots in giant panda, golden monkey Wanglang protected areas, where towering old trees, shade Blot out the Sun, the ancient environment of the original, highly Wild.

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