Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yunting-Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

? ? Xishan Xishan Scenic Area is located in the sub-yunting Park Mianyang Phoenix Mountain in the northwest. Scenic area of about 0.3 square kilometers, "Xi Shu-yunting" as the central collection of booths, ancient tombs, and Siguan Xiushan, in one of the clean water, scenic spots, historical, cultural and landscape architecture combining Xiuzhu Lam, Tan Kwai Fragrance, Water features, is a beautiful area.

The main attractions are yunting son, Stephen Girl, Jiang Wan tomb, Jiang Wan Temple, Xian-yun concept, Lady Lake. Yunting son is a commemoration of the Western Han Dynasty writer, philosopher, language Yang Xiong home construction, has well-known writer during the Tang Liu Yuxi, "Lou Shiming," "Zhuge Nanyang Lu, Xi Shu-yun "And a world famous.

  Lady Yun-chuen, at Western Hills to study Taiwan, also known as "Stephen Valley," springs from the hillside out of rock, cool clean, inexhaustible 4:00 for drinking. Quanbian cliff preservation of the Sui and Tang Dynasties period Taoist statues Cliff 24 relief more than 50 niche statue, the statue of about 40 cm high, Less than 5 cm high statues, ancient statues form a vivid, lively style, in Sichuan Province for the protection unit.

  Million in the fall of the house located in the Phoenix Mountain Phoenix in the back of the tomb of Jiang Wan Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms is a great prime minister Hou Jiang Gong (that is, Jiangwan) million in the fall of the house, the tomb of the entire body momentum grand, solemn silence, Woan on the left side of the tomb has Jianggong Hou Temple, House of casting Cinei 3.5-meter-high bronze statue of Jiang Wan Li-shen, the three main hall displays Jiangwan life, as well as the relevant part of the three countries, Shu Han, Jiang Wan research.

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