Tuesday, January 13, 2009

7 Shan temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

7 Shan temple is located in Mianyang city on the northern outskirts of the town zitong 7 Shan temple, 7 Shan temple in the northwest Sichuan is a well-known scenic spots. Here, magnificent mountains, winding paths, temples Weiwei, depending on the cliffs stand, down shade trees, beautiful scenery, has long been known as the "Pearl of roads of Shu." Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai in the "difficult roads of Shu" Described in the "five small mountains" of the story took place here.

7 Shan temple once called "Wenchang Palace", "Wen Ti" Zhang Yazi special temple. Since the beginning of the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties after continuous expansion, now become the size of the entire pavilion a total of 23 temples. Its structure Strict and orderly layout, the back gallery back to the slow, tortuous.

  The structure of its careful and precise, orderly layout, the back gallery back to the slow, tortuous nature, Diaolianghuadong, Seiko around world for the rare ancient Shu buildings. The temple also has a rare large iron statues, vases, such as iron precious cultural relics. Peasant uprising in the late Ming Zhang Xianzhong military leaders have To be taken for a temple, "Jia Miao."

7 Shan temple is also known for Cooper, flying through the Chuan-Shan on both sides of the road, Cooper Tingxiu, green and luxuriant. Canopy-covered peak, evergreen the four seasons, Shu Ying-cross section, the elegant quiet. A mountain, "Jinbo," Qiu Zhi thick stem, like a fly Cang Long, "Tree king" said the old "Cuiyun Gallery" wonders.

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