Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shek Wu ship - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shek Wu scenic boat at the city of Neijiang Weiyuan County of Lianshan Qu Yun, the ship Walled Pak Ngau Shek Wu and two Area, 56 km away from Neijiang, is a deep basin while Hill area. Shek Wu Lake boat because there are cliff collapse under such huge ship named after. Lake 65 km long, the water storage capacity 8,000,000 cubic meters, there are islands, and a half More than 100. Xiuyi Qingli lake, Lake-week high mountains, lush vegetation, beautiful. Lakes has 14 scenic spots. Walled white cattle as a result of the steep shape of the main peak named after Wo Niu, good forest cover, trees are the advantages of Forest Park. There are 10 million mu of scenic forests, the United States, pine and wetlands Mainly, the forest there are precious red beans, camphora, Machilus, tsugae, and other species. There are scenic spots, "Dachaoshan Sacred Mountains of China" and "high-Walled Snow" and other attractions.

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