Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Golden Summit - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Emei Golden Summit for the second peak, 3077 meters above sea level, China is the Temple, lying cloud, such as Om collectively referred to the temple. Ming Zhu Zhu Yuanzhang the first sub-21 mode, thanks to the two gold 3000, the construction of a gold-doped "The Mirage Asan" and thus Jinding named. After repeated heavy damage reconstruction. In 1986, the Golden reconstruction funds again Temple, the Buddhist Association of China Mr. Zhao Puchu personally written, "Hua Temple" horizontal inscribed board. Now that the Temple Xinhua, tall and spacious, magnificent, Xiong Zhi Mindanao in the big top, so long enjoyed a good reputation of the Golden Summit re-style show. Golden Summit board, to watch the "four no", that is, the sunrise, sea of clouds, Buddha, shengdeng. Whenever the rain and snow Ji, Hong-Xi Zhao day, the sun dipped in the rock to die under the blanket of clouds above the formation of a halo of color, the figure come in the ring, see figure since this is the famous "Buddha." In the absence of moonlight night, the darkness She Shenya, we can see little stars, sometimes vacant, sometimes girls fell onto the ground, according to the Buddhist view that this is 10,000 shengdeng Fugen North Korea. "

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