Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lingquan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lingquan Temple is located in Suining City Lingquan Hill, and Guangde Temple Fujiang separated from each other. Hillside temple, Cooper pines, shady trees. A mountain-chuen, bi-color sweet, not dry up all the year round is not over, fine-sounding name "Lingquan" It was contained, Su title in Shek Pik "seven-chuen," a now gone. Lingquan Temple was built in Sui Wendi Wong Kai - Between (581-600), when No. Temple for the Buddhist temple saint, for three years Koji Hsiao Tsung-ming (1490) reconstruction, to the Monastery of Hill. According to "Meanwhile in mind to win," it reads: Lingquan Hill, Suikai Huang, dark night three days due to heavy fog and solutions, then they stand a stone statue of Sakyamuni, was Jiansi, the Holy Temple. North Song Zhenzong capital Ciming St. , For three years Koji Hsiao Tsung-ming (1490) re-named Lingquan Temple. In the Sui, Tang, Song and Ming period of great prosperity, prosperity incense, southwest provinces to come to those who come Dachaoshan pilgrimage, known as Lingquan Shengjing, Shengjing in the West, with a few famous Mountain in the South China Sea, has been included in the "national scenic spots Dictionary. " Now the Buddha in Sichuan Activity centers and tourist destination. February 19 Lunar New Year each year, June 19, September 19 is the birthday of the Goddess of Mercy, and become an immortal, then the faithful gathered in the Quartet, the extraordinary excitement.

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