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Panzhihua Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Panzhihua City in Sichuan Province is located in the southwest border, the junction of the Jinsha and Yalong River, Sichuan is a new iron and steel industrial city. Panzhihua in 1965 for the development of iron ore resources, initiated the formation of the city, known as the beginning of Panzhihua, DC, when the city was officially named as the ferry City, was renamed after the city of Panzhihua. At the same latitude of the city Area is a unique sub-tropical scenery of Southern cities, urban areas around the growth of tall trees tall and straight in Panzhihua (Kapok Tree), and therefore named after the city of Panzhihua.

Panzhihua City in Sichuan Province is a unique treasure house of natural resources, here is rich in mineral resources Water and agricultural resources. The proven reserves of vanadium titanium magnetite 10,000,000,000 tons, the country is one of the four major iron ore. Chinese ore raw vanadium, titanium deposits, vanadium resources are listed first in the country, ranking third in the world; titanium resources in the world's first home. The coal reserves of 1,200,000,000 tons. Very rich in hydropower resources, which is currently under construction Beach power plant, completed and put into production will become China's largest hydropower station. Panzhihua City of climatic conditions and topography suitable for the development of agriculture and three-dimensional, three-cooked food crops a year; Mans produce, banana, papaya, and other tropical fruits; Mid-levels area of the fine development of grassland animal husbandry; mountain area rich in forest resources, forest recoverable Amounted to 17,000,000 cubic meters.

Panzhihua City West cross-cross mountains, big Liangshan Mountains to the east, the north Snowy Mountains south of the Jinsha. The high terrain in the northwest, southeast low. Panzhihua City to the east with a small ridge - Luoji Mountain - Lunan mountains, central to yak Hill - Long elbow mountains in the west to Jinpingshan - Berlin Department, in the mountains near the North-South direction. The highest point in the territory to the north-west of the territory of Yanbian Bailingshan-hole, 4195.5 meters above sea level; is the lowest point in the south-eastern plains area Renhe Town, the division of the village, 937 meters above sea level. Urban area in 1000 to an elevation of 1,200 meters between the mainly agricultural area above sea level in 1000 Between 1800 meters. Jinsha, the Yalong River, tranquil river, the river, the river and its tributaries three sources embedded deep in the mountains between the formation of the Southwest Sichuan grand canyon area. Panzhihua City complex landform types can be divided into Pingba, the mesa, high hills, low Zhongshan, Zhongshan Hill and the original 6 to low and the Zhongshan-based Zhongshan, accounting for City area the size of 88.38 percent.

Panzhihua City has more than 90 rivers and streams, of which 50 square kilometers in the drainage area of more than 49, according to the water system can be divided into the Jinsha River and Yalong River. The main tributaries of the river there is peace, the source of three rivers, river. Jinsha River in the pan Flower Market area of 2370.1 square km basin, from flowing into the territory of Yunnan Province, from west to east and then south into the territory of Yunnan Province. The main tributaries of the rivers Jinsha River flows from south to north, the basin area of 662 square kilometers in the territory. Yalong River flows from Liangshan Prefecture, from north to south in the Eastern Town Luo Yin fruit into the Jinsha River, Valley area of 5064.3 square kilometers within the main tributary of the river from the north-east peace to the West Ramp Mi Yixian consistent throughout, the territory of 1651.6 square kilometers drainage area. Three sources from the north-west towards the river flows through the central Yanbian, the territory of 1802 square km area of river basin.

Panzhihua city Southern-based sub-tropical climate with three-dimensional, with a long summer, the temperature changes in the day, the four seasons are not clear, dry climate, the concentration of rainfall, sunshine, strong solar radiation, climate, and other significant difference between the vertical features. Valley throughout the year without winter, the coldest month average temperature in more than 10 ?. Temperatures in the small and poor on poor, The mean temperature of 19.0 ? ~ 21.0 ?. ? 10 ? in temperature of 6600 ~ 7500 ?. The year 2300 to 2700 hours of sunshine. The total annual precipitation of 760 to 1200 mm, sub-year dry autumn rain, a high concentration of rainfall during the rainy season (6 October), rainfall in the rainy season Annual rainfall of about 90%. From the high mountain valley to the south has a temperate to subtropical climate of a variety of types.

Panzhihua city rich in light and heat resources for agricultural production, such as the provision of natural advantages. As the weather was a three-dimensional distribution, and therefore suitable for tropical and temperate plants and other Health . Grain, vegetables, sugar cane, and so will not only yield high-quality and full year Ke Zhongzhi tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables caldus. At the same time with the development of bananas, pomegranates, grapes, mango, papaya, such as tropical, subtropical, temperate fruits of the conditions for the city of Panzhihua in rural areas everywhere green countryside, forest sugarcane, fruit and fragrance. For the development of tourism has created conditions.

Panzhihua as a whole sunny and pleasant weather all year round can travel in the city's unique tourism resources, set cave, Stone Forest, waterfalls, hot springs, virgin forests, high mountains lawn, Hai Zi on the ground floor, the world's third-high dam, ivory Python Steel City as a whole. There are countries, a number of provincial-level forest park, known as a paradise for botanists, including Panzhihua Cycas National Nature Reserve with the world's largest original Su Tielin, and here Tieshu bloom year after year, as spectacle. There are three-dimensional distribution of large plants Montenegro; there are so-called "China's Qidong," the e-meter Longtan Hole; radon hot springs are rare; amazing world of Panzhihua Iron and Steel and the Second magnificent beaches Gaoxiapinghu; there are funny passengers, narrowly "Wan-li Yangtze River in the first drift." Rich crystal, agate, jade and precious stones such as "Yan-odd items in the" Yan-Ju, and other products but, in order to facilitate the provision of travel shopping. Panzhihua City Tourism Is in charge of the city's tourism industry, the city's tourism market and healthy development of the existing 12 travel agencies (of which the international agency 2) to open up, the country launched air travel outside the lines of Article 100. Hotels, restaurants large. One three-star Hotel 2, the provincial tourism fixed-point unit 19, received tens of thousands of people at the same time. Panzhihua, A unique landscape, state-of-service warm welcome to your visit.

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