Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yun Yansi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sichuan is located in Jiangyou Yunyan Si Yunyan Si Chuan Dou Hill. Was built in the Tang, Bing Huo destroyed in the late Ming and Qing Emperor Yongzheng three years (1725) rehabilitation. Yunyan Si for the State Department as a national key cultural unit. Yunyan Si at the Second East-West Center, East Road, North Zen concept. Yunyan Si, yunyan concept, is located in the central sinus Chuanshan, According to the top three, in the face of the ancient city of Jiangyou (now the town of Wudu), the steep cliffs along the east, west group dense forest, open field of vision, the great momentum. Yun Yansi experienced Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing repair the damage the turn, the co-existence of Buddhism and Taoism. The building Yunyan Si existing structure with the same general Buddhist temple, sitting south, in Mountain Gate built on the axis, the Man Mo Temple, the Temple law, the main sanctuary, by the shock five-floor main building. Supported by both sides of the side hall in a palace, the Church, the Buddhist temple, the living room and so on, the whole magnificent building, open terrain. Basilica hall on the west side of the surviving wooden wheel by the possession of the Song Dynasty (also known as the Flying possession, cars and stars) a 10.3 m high with a diameter of 7 5 meters, such as the Wooden Pagoda-shaped, as a whole by the Tibetan Center for a 50 cm bearing up, an iron-bearing surface, is free to rotate. After sub-possession, in the next three, the upper pavilion for the temple, the sophisticated design of Hong-li; refuge for the middle, surrounded by the wall decorated with carved wood the size of more than 200 portraits, or Or sit, different posture, vivid facial expression, waist decorated eaves brackets, for possession of the lower blocks. Fine runner throughout the process, is a precious works of ancient carvings.

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