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Nanchong Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanchong city has more than 2,000 years of history, as early as 316 BC, is in Pakistan area, set up Ba Jun Qin, Han Ann home county, since both counties since the Sui and Tang dynasties, the states, House Road, the Department, County seat of culture in development of talented people said. Han Ji Xin will be, will be Zhang Shu, Wang Ping, Song Zhang will be all history The star, astronomers big fall, the three-suk-ru Qiao weeks, "Three Kingdoms" Author Chen, Yun Brother Number One Scholar in the Tang Dynasty (Yin Shu, a Yin), the Song Dynasty scholar Chen's brother, the prime minister (old gentleman Yao, Yao Zuo, Yao consultative ) Are Nanchong in the history of the outstanding figures. Zhu older generation of proletarian revolutionaries, the Chinese people and Luo Ruiqing Former vice chairman of the Central People's Government of the Republic of Zhang Lan were born in Nanchong. After the founding of New China, North Sichuan Nanchong is the Civil Administration (provincial-level administrative region), the seat of the Civil Administration, Nanchong region, the northern areas of politics, economy, culture, science and technology, information center, enjoy "the heart of northern Sichuan." Nanchong, 5 jurisdiction County District 3 City 1, 481 townships, the area of 12,494 square kilometers in size, population 7,300,000. Mainly to shallow hill terrain. The average annual temperature is about 17.5 ?, flowers next spring, summer Fengqing, cooked Sunny autumn, winter and moist.

  Nantong China National Cereals, Oils and important agricultural base, silk, oranges, pigs, and so famous. Nanchong is more homogeneous categories, the advantages of a large number of products industrial base, has formed a silk, textiles, machinery, food, electricity, oil, chemicals, medicine, clothing for the industrial pillars of the multi-category, multi-level co-ordination of local development Trade system, the country's four major production bases of sericulture and silk production and export bases.

Nanchong-rich, water is an important development base. 77,790,000 tons of oil reserves; 9,000,000,000 cubic meters of natural gas reserves; rock salt 1,800,000,000,000 tons of geological reserves, the largest of China's western region of natural salt ; Water reserves of more than 200 million kilowatts; Nanchong adequate labor force, education, science and technology development, human resources, Sichuan is a large city, science and technology, market and labor resources market, second only to Chengdu, Nanchong population, ranking second in the province.

  Nanchong infrastructure will continue to improve the investment environment greatly improved. Public Public transport, and reached the east-west railway, shipping civilian airport every day, two-level microwave and optical cable trunk throughout the wear and, in the city 235,000 program-controlled telephone connectivity in more than 100 countries, the realization of the township of program-controlled telephone exchange. Chengdu to Nanchong expressway was opened to traffic in 2001. There southwest of the city Oil College, Sichuan Normal University, etc. 5 University, doctoral or master's degrees in 28 points, all types of scientists more than 100,000. Nanchong is a huge market and material distribution center.

Here in the "West-Shudu, Chu E to the east, north cited Shaanxi, Chongqing Southern Alliance" to the special geographical location, is a land-locked Sichuan Transport, communications hub, northeastern Sichuan's largest commodity distribution center, the Three Gorges of the Yangtze economic zone an important part of the country's major ports opening to the outside world, with silk World, Simon comprehensive wholesale markets, grain and oil wholesale market and a number of northern Sichuan are large in scale, radiation The strong commodity trading market.

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