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Fushun Confucian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fushun Confucian Temple from the Northern Zhou Dynasty Emperor County to build two days and the early years of the Northern Song Dynasty (567-960) for nearly 400 years, due to the remote, Liao Han-mixed, although Sheng salt and 2 did not open style of writing. Ren Jing You Song three years (1036), the court too often selected scholars, Dr. Zhou Jun Fushun to know any supervisor, and strive to educate Xing Schools, foster Scholars. In the sixth year of his tenure, that is, Qingli 2002 (1042), and county Fushun finally out of the first examination - Mian Li, Shi Min county are fortunate that joy. Zhou Jun at the initiative of people to raise funds in four years Qingli (1044), the county seat in the center of South Gate, into a Confucian Temple Confucius Zhu Gong, said the "propaganda network temple." And Li-stone temple in the "Wild Goose Pagoda monument" to cut the county's previous name of the pilot. Since then, the former supervisor of Fushun know, are enthusiastic about education, pro-Professor Ren Ruxue, often in politics, the temple to make a living member of lectures, so wide open style of writing. Wild Goose Pagoda in the Song of the examination that is engraved As many as 67 people. Yuan Dynasty, Confucian Temple called the "first temple." Tai 2004 (1311), Fushun, Ren Xianzhong know, doors Ji-building, resettlement ceremony, Dacheng Hall of conversion for two years veranda fence. Yingzong period, the county and file satisfied Wang Jian-speed Yushubeiting. Ming Tai Zu Ping Zhu Yuanzhang to decide their fate, the world Chao Lixueyushi Reform temple for the first "teacher temple." Hongwu 2006 (1373), the county magistrate temple bell Tan hyun re-engineering, the construction of schools, masonry Pan pool. After 8 after repair and small building. Ming Chengzu Wing-lok years before the "Confucian Temple." Since then, the increasing prevalence of style, advanced education, enrollment of those who cite increasing year by year. Ming Dynasty, Beijing will test, examination of up to 139 persons, accounting for one thirteenth of the total number of Scholars in Sichuan Province, which was "a gifted scholar Xi Shu", a gifted scholar in Fushun Neijiang officials "in the world. Late Ming and early Qing, Sichuan chaos for 25 years, Confucian Temple in disrepair and dilapidated. 21 years of Emperor Kangxi (1682), San Francisco put down after Fushun county magistrate term money Shao-Lung, and re-Confucian Temple renovation, repair Great Hall of Minglun together to restore worship and schools. 29 Qianlong (1764), the county magistrate Xiongkui to raise funds to the construction of the Temple wall and rebuild the two veranda and sun block altar. Light to medium-term, despite repeated repairs Confucian Temple, the end is a minor repairs, of its dilapidated With a gifted scholar-wide famous Fushun County of Sichuan quite match. Li Qing dynasty to the mid-term Chao, Fushun only 11 out of the examination, civil article that feng shui is moving "holes St." disrespect for the rules. 16 years light (1836), Fushun county magistrate Ren Kun Deng decided to rebuild Confucian Temple, and county Fushun was the largest Lord, Gong Yongsheng deliberations of the Lunar New Year. Xiao said that up immediately: Fushun in order to keep the "feng shui article," scholars would like to do is to be responsible, alone shoulder the reconstruction of the Temple office. So please employed carpenter and immediately dismantle Confucian Temple, dedicated to the mission of Shandong Qufu County, the county magistrate's office through the examination Fushun Zhang Zhen, the Confucian Temple to recover construction drawings regulation. And Leibo, Ma returned to the side of trees, custom-glazed tile from the Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province, a total of 36,000 capital costs, which lasted four years, in the light 20 (1840) completed. Chong from the shrine, the Great Hall of the platforms of the two veranda, Ji doors, changing the sacrificial utensil down to the lattice door stars, Minghuanxiangxian Temple, the door ceremony, Yi Road, Chi Pan, Qiao Lan, Gong , Kwan-yin outside, Sacred doors are wide high-Kennedy letter, several times more than the old. Occupying a total area of more than 10 mu, building area of more than 3000 square meters. Temple positive for the red walls in the vicinity, on plastic, "Ren number of wall" in large letters 4. There are about 2, said, "Sacred" and "Kwan-yin" and non-religious do not drive. Pan door for the pool, building bridges and three Ikegami; in Kowloon Bridge, do not pass, or so temporary bridge for the passage ritual. There are about 2 pool, said "the door ceremony," and "Yi Road," out the door on weekdays, there are separate "civil Xia Jiao", "military attache to discontinue the" stone. After Shihfang pool for the "Star lattice door" into the 3-hole, Square, 22.4 meters wide, 12.65 meters high. Again Class "Minglun Hall" - that is, Ji door, about "changing the sacrificial utensil," Ji door after the square, after the game, "Sun Tan", in Kowloon for the hollowing relief, a stone around the stage. Taiwan Confucian Temple to the main building, "Great Hall" Hall 35 m high, the Ming and Qing Dynasties for the typical structure of brackets, cornices painted houses, sophisticated China and the United States, Long heads held high, and Yue Fei, Jinbi glass screen on traditional costumes, magnificent dignified, old-world. Bring up the rear courtyard for a "Pan Palace" ( "Pan Palace Tan Kwai Fushun is one of eight). Go," Tsung Temple, "about a" Longchi, "" Wind Point ", Chang Man-clear spring, drought Do not dry up. Qianlong in the intramural degrade when a stone Longchi "," feng green "power pen Qiu Jin, rarely seen in modern times. Chong Hom Temple uplift on the construction of Confucius is the" palace. "Smaller palace, only in San Ying wood for" taking advantage tablets "(formerly the Song Dynasty Stone), the situation in the book of Confucius, like gold, a painting by Wu Daozi Tang, from Rio back to Qufu. Corridors around veranda, one after another has been the subject of Health Schools in the county Department and the didactic Minghuanxiangxian Temple. 22 Guangxu (1896), Zhang Shifang County will be donated by Xian Shi Xue Tian 2, to donate for the maintenance of the Confucian Temple industry fields. 33-year Guangxu (1907), Chao-sheng large worship of Confucius. So Chong-change for the wall and the Holy Huangwa (only the original Great Hall, Tai Shing Mun permitted Watts). Anti-Japanese War, Japanese planes bombed Dacheng Hall and the West Concourse veranda of the iceberg, though, after a restored, but the low-skill, the end does not recover. After the liberation in 1958, before and after a false picture of the Confucian Temple. In July 1980, Fushun, Sichuan Province as a Confucian heritage unit, the provincial government and special funds In order to repair, whitewash, it remained the original appearance and to add services, facilities, open year round for people to visit, pay.

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