Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hanhenghouci - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Han Heng Hou Temple, also known as Zhang Feimiao, located in the town of West Langzhong Shi Bao-ling. After the original temple fire waste, the existing Temple for the reconstruction of the Ming and Qing Dynasties Tetraena a courtyard-style buildings. From the door, floor, 10,000 of the enemy, of St. Paul, the Basilica, Houdian, Metella rooms and so on, covers an area of more than 30 acres. Zhang, Yi De words, the three countries during the five-Shu Han Will be one. From the late Eastern Han Dynasty Liu Qibing, Yizhou scheduled to proclaim oneself emperor Liu Bei, Zhang Feng Ling, General Secretary for Juji Di Xiao Wei, Ren Brazil Prefecture, langzhong guard. In 221 AD, Zhang Fei will be FAN Qiang, Zhang killed, buried in Langzhong, the posthumous title was up for Hou Heng, who Langzhong Zhangzhong Yong Mu, Que Li Jian at the tomb of the temple to worship ceremony . Han Heng Hou Temple to fly the main entrance of the "Han Heng Hou Temple" Mubian, Zhang Fei in plastic horses, engraved on one of the?????Zeng Gongzhuan the book, "Heng Hou Temple in mind," the monument. 5 hall, there are plastic-walled hall is happy Qing Zhang Zhuifeng years, "Hou Heng Great," the crown on the head of Zuo Xiang, Zhang Zuobi have used weapons and spear points Zhangba Whip. Left wing displays more than 1,000 pieces of precious historical relics. Right wing within Fei has had an important story of the six statues. Houdian tomb for the pavilion, a plastic mighty like Zhang Fei, FAN Qiang, Zhang reached on both sides of the knees. Zhang Fei Tomb of 8 meters, 22 meters East-West track, 32 meters long from north to south. Tsukamoto, verdant forests, Bi Cao Yan-cheng. Han Heng Hou Temple of the three countries for cultural tourism attractions one of the important line.

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