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Panjiang drift - Chinese tourism scenic spots

As the "Tourism in Sichuan Province in the first drift," the Panjiang drift is Jiangyou White Dragon King's palace to the scenic spots of the broad masses of tourists a feast of adventure tourism in the water, the project from the development since 1997, well inside and outside the province The majority of the tourists love, drifting into Sichuan Tourism is a major bright spot. Panjiang, also known as I-River, Do not originated in Pingwu County Mianyang Si-er Songpan County, Aba Prefecture and the mouth of the two pools wow, via Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County and the city of Jiangyou mountains, many Gorge along the beach and more. Panjiang an average of 88 cubic meters per second largest flow, the smallest 21.3 cubic meters per second, the river dropped more than 4%. As the disk area in the upper reaches of the river valley Health forest belt, a small man-made pollution, industrial pollution and even less, for this reason that Panjiang good water quality and water all the way and not risk panic and the desirability of tourism drift. Panjiang drift has been the development of the process include 16 km, from the North Sichuan Hydropower Deng, limited to perfume Jiangyou Lake, processes two and a half hours, all activities are drifting in the high - Carried out in the canyon. This river, the two sides are in the high mountains around 2000 meters, are striking Department waste-lifting cliff, Wei-feng mountains, sky YJ, Xiang River at the end of fish, plus the old trees along the Ku Teng, rocks rocks to form a group of highly The magnificent natural life drawing. People in the boat, the boat trip on the waves, Yu Yu Zai Zai, carefree Kenya, one enjoyable time. From the North Qiang Autonomous County of Sichuan Hydropower from Deng drift, the beach is more mouth wide ancient relief, rubber drifting southward drift into the water very, turned a corner after entering the river canyon. Into the valley, water gradually urgency, on both sides of the shore waves, the boat drifting around Dunsheng spray, and the desire to participate in drifting Looking for the adventure and also to stimulate us. Panjiang 16 km in length, drifting, the most famous five Gorge nine beaches, which are as follows: Gap loquat, fish door Gap, Gap Fairchild, Kim Kwang-Gap, Gap water; blue sheep Beach, the beach against the Waterloo, Arrow pole Beach, Beach screws, Li Tan, Gao Beach, pig trough Beach, Mill Beach, Wo Niu . Panjiang drifting, the first operator to dangerous shoals of blue sheep Beach. Blue sheep Beach to save the two sides Perfect Mount cluster, into the sky, the two sides is said to the summit, only to shore up and down the sheep, named. Gap acute Beach this small water, in the past, the rafts off the beach have also Xinjingroutiao also dare not to the effect, used to say "blue sheep Beach, the gate of hell, had to be British Han. "Now in the raft Jiang has long been extinct in the development of drifting, although not as risk-like in the past, but the ear waves, sitting on Elang, the stroke of winds and waves do not feel half hours. Drifting whole, nor is such a dangerous shoals . Calm, those who drift into possible cross-strait after another legend of the beautiful fun Quxun For example, the current Gap loquat, which abound on the legend. It is said that in the early 1980's, a local man to fish, come and go all the year round in the storm, all of a sudden one day before on a steep Shek Pik had a strong interest. It turned out that the film exposed Shek Pik, about ten feet over 20, silver-gray species, and the smooth Kong, like Dragonscale view, and then pondering fine, and as a giant ingenuity alone, the media skills of the great stone works of art space, as Long as fish, as the opening screen peacock, as ... ... In short, what it like, Seems to be what it is like. Fisherman determined to climb a try, take a look at what exactly is it difficult for the elderly treasures climbed to Shek Pik Stone hole in the sand in the plot have been closely involved in Amoy gold. The news spread, For a night like rich people's flood, rock climbing Tao Jin, Yue Yu-long, no one is not getting rich man. It is said that one day later Panjiang flooding was seen in the river-old woman led by the hand of a child to seize a piece of wood floating in the water help address him. In order to gold Has been a crazy life of the people to ignore the fall, the eyes just stare at the stone straight holes in the Jinsha. The next day, gold was discovered that some of the Shek Pik on all the pores are not in the sand, of course, is no longer Amoy less than a gold ... ... drifting, of course, those who do not verify the legend is true, They want to find the kind of thing is far from the noise of the city of sensory stimulation and agitation of the soul, and all of this, only seems to be drifting in the Panjiang found. Fairchild Gap water swift current, drifting the main channel adequate "S"-line, in front of a Gap Jiang Jiang and Shek Pik break open to form a trend Yifu when customs. Each rubber boats to this point, the drift Those who feel that they are straight off the wall of the gorge, but at the moment is going into Shek Pik, shoot at the helm of the board lightly, rubber boats and Shek Pik pass. Under these circumstances, that is, risk another shock, but no life danger. Panjiang Gap drifting more and more beach, is a common saying among the five Panjiang Gap Gap Gap, five drift Beach Beach Beach have . Long Beach Beach shaft drop, the surging water like a twist wrapped around dozens of White Dragon with Jiang in the narrow gorge in the Pentium roar, before the boats drifted among the water spray Wang Zhichao pressure from people, if it is drifting Chushe , Jingji will be much, but when the rubber boats to wear out the waves, you feel as if the play is just The only high-altitude rolling car. After the beach Li, Gao Beach river wider, but the swift current, like water, such as diarrhea, drifting in the boat forward here, you can view more of the Shan Jing Wang, like the ups and a corresponding decrease of many. Every time, the union said the ship, which is Panjiang give you a chance to catch its breath. These words are Really, a bit to smooth the way for a floating, risk dangerous shoals Gap blow against our faces again. Front row waves that day, then Lethal thunder, as if people should be like a swallow, but Needless to fear, in front of rapids are dangerous shoals through to the other on the Elang Cong not to mention a beach ... .... Full-drift, you will feel the white Panjiang floating palace development is a combination of man and nature, the very opportunity. Haoshanhaoshui canyon, together with your feelings, why not 10,000 kinds of life into the hand of nature to do?

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