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Yuelu Academy - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuelu Academy is the oldest Chinese Academy of one of the Northern Song Dynasty to open the nine-year-bao (in 976 AD) was founded after the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties in all, the late Qing Dynasty (1903 AD) to the Hunan Higher School, and then change For the Hunan Higher Normal School, in 1926 known as the University of Hunan, more than the history of the Millennium. To the age-old College of Hunan University, in the same strain, Xiange never been as rare as the world scholar, "institutions of the Millennium." From Yuelu Academy of Hunan University to the Millennium school history, reflecting changes in the Chinese education system, the development of higher education in China is a microcosm of the history.

  Yuelu Mountain since ancient times Mountain culture. Western Jin Dynasty Taoist activities for the previous stronghold, has built Wanshou Palace, the Tsung Tsin concept, and so on. Taishi four Western Jin Dynasty (AD 268 years) the creation of Lushan Si. Road construction in the Six Dynasties temple. Sui built in the Tang Dynasty horse, "Dowling temple." The late Tang and Five Dynasties Zhi Xuan, such as building schools Monk II, the College into the embryonic form. Bao opened nine years of the Northern Song Dynasty (AD 9 6), Tanzhou in full copy Zhu hole expansion, the creation of Yuelu Academy; large and medium-sized Xiangfu 2008 (1015 AD), Song Zhenzong thanks "Yuelu Academy," the amount, Sui Wei Yuelu Academy of the National Academy of four. Yuelu Academy was founded at the beginning, that is, its schools and dissemination of academic and cultural world-famous. Xuande only self-evident, with local officials on many occasions to repair the expansion of the Yuelu Academy each of the main building on the central axis, the main axis until before the Xiang River in the West Bank, after the extension of self-Yuelu Mountain, with pavilions of St. Paul, the axis on the side of the establishment of Confucian Temple To form a history of the College pavilion with relief, across the pavilion, blending landscape of the magnificent King . College of lectures, books, the three major religious function has been fully restored and the development of the existing building has laid a basic pattern.

  After being in the Ming Dynasty are still academic Zhu Zhang's case for the school. Yuelu Academy to teach mainly in the Qing Dynasty and Chinese Confucianism, Daoguangnianjian, Wu Rongguang in College was founded in Xiangshui together by the school, Becoming the center for Chinese Studies. End of the Qing dynasty, the rise of the reform ideas of 1898, the College has started a new school of communication, and to have had a greater impact.
  China and Japan after the Sino-Japanese War, the rise of Reform Movement of 1898, spent the imperial examination request, the school-hing. 29 Guangxu (1903 AD) and co-Yuelu Academy Hunan Higher School changed. After the Revolution, for the school to school, plan to organize the Hunan University, one after another during the move into Higher Normal School in Hunan Province, Hunan Industrial specialized in public schools. In 1926 to the formal establishment of the Hunan University.

  Although several school reform, changing its name several times, but always to the highest in Hunan House, College of the original homes has remained unchanged. Today's Hunan University has developed into a multi-disciplinary co-ordination of the development of the comprehensive university. After the restoration of the Yuelu Academy, is listed as national key cultural units, institutions are writing a new millennium of history.

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