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Shan Chen Jinhua reading Taiwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill Shehong County is located in Jinhua town of Jinhua Fujiang Sea, because of their "precious Hill and China and the United States" got its name. Jinhua Road to Hill before the concept was founded in prison Leung Tin-year period (502 AD), the mountain is open generation of the Early Tang Dynasty poetry reading fewer well-known poet Chen of Taiwan. Shan Jinhua old buildings of the masses, spreading mountains, was the distribution level, A letter drop. Weng Yu trees in the mountains, there are more than 1,000 state-level protection of the Cooper strain. Walking in the mountains, rain in the mountains clean, free Tsui wet clothes were feeling. Ancient sages legacy recourse to the large number of those who pay, and there are many questions in mind, are kept in museums in the mountains. Du Fu Shu-old age home, Fu Zhang had come to stay "wild look" and other famous Hill wrote in scenic spots, to express regret in the hearts! Taiwan's Chen to study at Shehong County 23 km north of the city Department of Jinhua in the mountains, is the Early Tang Dynasty poet reading his youth Chen, formerly known as reading together, said Chen or school. Its ancient site in Jinhua Mountain View, this Hall of the Ancestors in the vicinity, Tang large over the years, Jie Du Dongchuan Sonu tert-Ming Chen Li, who Jingde monument in front study. Tang in political chaos after the war frequently, school failure led to waste. Song Chiayusaurus years, Yilingpangzai out in his theft by finding sites to build booths. Early Ming, theft by finding kiosks have been destroyed, Lian Cheng Xiao works in the infrastructure of the old house statues, side by side on its side of the pavilion Mingyuan, integrated, the county magistrate Li Guo boring flu Ting, to the early Qing Dynasty, the whole building collapse bad. Kangxi 51 years, Tang Lin Xiang county magistrate in the school building to the former site of the Office of a large, horizontal inscribed board to buy Taiwan to study ancient, light eight to 11 years, Qian Yi Ling Bingde, Stephen Wang moved to Taiwan to study in post-Ling Wu Shan Kong. 2006 Guangxu (1880), the county magistrate Wenfang Way, and other donors, removal of the short-Yuan Mang Jing Shan Chu, Ting Qian on the new Office of the three, with wing corridors song threshold, the external doors connected Pavilion; Li Ting right temple 3, after the production booth to repair the hall by three, level unsan Museum to stay, Veranda around, the shelter outside the wind-Yuan; the last block Taiwan Pavilion erect a lotus leaf, to the amount of wave-Han River, to build three ships room, a small pavilion, has begun to take shape Since then, the status quo remained, a slight amendment. Ancient inscription reading for many within Taiwan, most famous for the ancient manuscripts. Its wood, "a sense of the event 30" and "Mr. Chen Boyu Biography" and other important cultural relics on display in the museum to stay Unzen, Chen is also hard to come by the relevant documentation. Shehong County of Sichuan Province Shan Chen Jinhua Desks within a stone smell attracted a large number of visitors. Stone foul in the Ming Dynasty Jiajingnianjian Shehong County by the most people Yang Ren Fu Shi Yunnan, brought back from Qujing County, Jinhua placed in a small West Zhenjiang hospital. The founding of New China, the cultural centers Shehong County to the Taihu Zhen Shi, Putao Jia buried in the Library, 1983 9 Jinhua to the mountain, in this collection. This rock, shaped like the human brain, low-light-level surface, Secheng black. Original about 1.2 meters high, over the years by handling percussion, is only 0.6 meters of. In terms of iron hit, a bad smell Dayton. Mr. Yuan Lin Qing Dynasty "stinking rock song" vivid picture of the stone: "The knock on rock music was Stone cook who have lent their taste, see it hit a stone stink? Do not believe it will baffle stone, that is readily foul, foul left the Millennium deposit, Shi-side committee Who knows? "A rock hit it foul, the less the world to hear, if you are fortunate enough to Shan Jinhua, Qiao Qiao personally, Xiu Xiu bad smell that long, Yu Kwok-hing will increase, relaxed and happy, do not have some fun.

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