Monday, December 1, 2008

General Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

General Hill was originally called Tiger Hill, 1996.3.19 morning in the waters near the People's Liberation Army conducted a large-scale military exercises against Taiwan independence, and the Central Military Commission Vice Chairman Zhang 128 in the general review of this Hill. To commemorate this, it was renamed General Hill. The Peak Tower has a high level of about 10, is a good viewing area, which could look down Gulf beauty. Patriotism education bases to set up operations at the time the generals in command of the cave, at the time of the display devices are intact, with a small screen, the player was spectacular scenes of military exercises. Cliff Yamashita ancient rock carvings, calligraphy for those who love to examine. Director of the mountains a few hundred meters Yi Xiantian, winding mountain road twists and turns, the narrowest point only through one person, very challenging.

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