Monday, December 1, 2008

Xiasha Beach Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiasha Beach Resort, located in the central coastal city of Changle. 20 km away from Changle City, Fuzhou, 47 km, is the provincial capital away from the nearest tourist beach resort, from Changle in the urban areas to drive southward to less than half an hour to arrive. Beach Resort unique scenery, the sea, beaches, islands, mountains, beach Zhu Zhong-Lin next to echo the landscape, the powerful financial magnificent, beautiful magic in one. Beach is located in the inland sea, the sharks without wounding. 8 km long, 400 meters wide of the wide beach, sand Pohuan fine, sandy beach is only 1.4 percent lower than that, no matter ebb tide to the sea to swim there was no consideration of the drowned. On the beach overlooking the North has long Fuzhou International Airport, south of the sea with horns standing Shan, dual-fan, Rod East, West, East Bank, and other islands as a string of pearls around the bathing beach. By the well-known architectural design expert, Professor Qi Kang Southeast University in Nanjing design, the Fujian Provincial Tourism Administration to invest in the construction of the Hai Bang tower according to the Office of Conch Beach, Bang Hai, located in the Beach Surface and sea phase of the wind on the reef home. This is currently the only such a bionic construction works of art, with its unique architectural style and location of the eye-catching, Changle Xiasha become an important symbol of beach resort. Beach Resort in May 1986 to start construction, investment 150,000,000 yuan, 4 A single project with a total construction area of nearly 80,000 square meters. 1400 m-long waterfront streets, 1,200 meters of sand road and 1,000-meter-long seawall road, with many shops, restaurants, hotels, dance halls and other recreational facilities. Every building has its own style and bring the United States enjoy. The annual summer vacation to come to the visitors from the tourism, many of which are from the United States, Britain, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, Spain, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, the weekend peak time of up to 30,000 The public. Xiasha seaside resort around 10 kilometers of the many Sightseeing spots available. The most recent is 1.8 km away from the seaside resort, 480 meters above sea level "Tianchi Mountain"; rock on top of three shallow cave spring water, drought does not dry up, the long-running, so named after. Rock mountain is covered with rocks, trees flourish, Yunqiyinyun, since ancient times "Ying Xu Lingfeng," Wu finished Twelve one of the King. 10,000 along the stone be composed of stone steps to reach the summit. Fengdian stand, more than half panoramic view of Changle. To the north-east of the sea looked under the jurisdiction of Changle City, but is set by Taiwan, according to the White Dog Islands, just off the mouth of Minjiang guarding the gateway to a pair of "loyal dog", can be seen through a telescope Island The village road. Tian Shan Temple was built in a seven large and medium-sized Tang (853), formerly known as Dragon Temple shrine, after the emperor Ciming "Lingfeng Temple." Temple 50 weeks and the number of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties Cliff Inscription of modern celebrity, such as clearance Tongzhi years, "A Dream of Red Mansions" expert Huang You see three poems carved Lingfeng Temple, Bing Xin's great masters of modern literature Tian Bao-hua Renjiedeling "such as the ink has been turned into" stone Changle "attractions. <

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