Monday, December 1, 2008

Jiang Qin Manchu Village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kum River in Fujian Province is the only inhabited village of Manchu for the first batch of provincial-level historical and cultural village one. At the south bank of Min River, Fuzhou and (cauda equina) economic and technological development zone across the river. Changle 4 km away from the urban area, 15 km Min River mouth. This section of the Min River flows through like a guqin, named Jiang Qin, the ancient Song Ma Wei-controlled province An important port. Qing Emperor Yongzheng 2006 (1728), the town of al-General Min Zou Qing imperial court from the fourth race flag drawn 513 officers and men stationed in Xiejuan Jiang Qin, Wai fortification to the establishment of the "three rivers, Fuzhou, water division flag business." This is a coastal country at the time of the four major naval flag one of the camp, Fujian's Mawei navy earlier 151 . Navy flag similar to the layout of the camps tai chi gossip, it is also known as the "city of Bagua Banners." After the Revolution, the navy flag business has gradually become a small town residents. . According to Qin Zhi Jiang set, repeatedly came to the Qin Jiang Lin, Zhao Bi had written Jiang Lin Gong calligraphy "sea country Ping Fan." Sazhenbingwei Creutzfeldt-Jakob Navy family cemetery title "Jiangcheng waters" has still tablets. Qin Jiang's "three rivers, Fuzhou, water division" is the cradle of the Chinese Navy. Qin river division of the most brilliant chapter in Sino-French Jiashen Song Ma is involved in sea battle against the invaders. Huang recorded in command "will not be out Junming" enemy courageously led his troops on the ground, 600 officers and men in a heroic death A number of 0. Later generations have taken it for granted in the village of Chijian in "From Here to Church", setting a martyr tablets. July each year so far held three days of memorial activities, the villagers came to the river bank to run their own water lamps, incense and paper-cutting, hold a memorial ceremony for martyrs souls. Gyaincain Ren Jie Ling and Qin, celebrities come forth in large numbers. Westernization Movement, the Navy flag in the business of young people have voted Hall, the political boat, after graduating from the growth of China's navy Dongliangzhicai, which will be level 3 and 4 on field grade. If the ice with the town of Savimbi's Republic of China Navy Rear Admiral Shen Jiao Gu Qin. In modern times, such as the former Xinhua News Agency Hong Kong Branch, deputy director Cao Weilian, the founder of China's Maritime Law Professor Huang Tingshu, was awarded the title of world famous paintings and calligraphy art refers to the ink Water painter Li middle. Jiang Qin villagers will each in three languages: Mandarin, Manchu and the Fuzhou dialect, "'s words." There is a village by the name of "Taiwan Pavilion" of non-governmental cultural and recreational activities, from Banners ancestors brought from the north, have been two hundred years of history. Jiang Qin Zheng He's seven or Western Pacific fleet out of Hong Kong Turn the wheel to the sea, near the village there are built yun Zheng He Temple and temples. Jiang Qin geographical location, convenient sea and land transport, natural and human landscape is rich in resources, the development of the Manchu style to the theme of broad prospects for tourism projects. Jiang Qin Manchu all compatriots at home and abroad warmly welcome people to come to invest in The plane has a bright future!

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