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Xiamen Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiamen, located east longitude 118 � 04'04 ", latitude 24 � 26'46", located in southeast China's coastal Fujian Province in southeastern ---- that Jiulong River into the sea, back in Zhangzhou, Quanzhou Plain, on the brink of the Taiwan Strait, In the face of Kinmen Island, Taiwan and Taiwan and the Penghu Islands and across the sea. Xiamen from Xiamen , Gulangyu, the Jiulong River on the north shore of the inland part of the coastal region, as well as in Tongan, and so on, the land area of more than 1565.09 square kilometers, more than 300 square kilometers sea area. Is an international harbor city landscape.



Xiamen's main - Xiamen An area of about 132.5 square kilometers, 13.7 kilometers long from north to south, east 12.5 kilometers wide, covering an area of approximately 128.14 square kilometers, is the fourth largest island of Fujian Province. Xiamen Port is an excellent conditions for the Strait of natural harbor, its twists and turns of the coastline, a total length of 234 kilometers, outside the Hong Kong Island Star Spread all over the place, with Hong Kong deputies to the surrounding mountains and surrounded by, the deep water, Ice-free year-round, the conditions are excellent natural harbor of the Straits, the history of the southeast coast of China's foreign trade is an important port.



Xiamen is a sub-tropical climate, moderate rain, the average temperature in 2 years ? or so, without the summer heat and winter cold without. Average annual rainfall of 1,200 millimeters, the annual interest of 5 to a maximum of rainfall in August, the wind generally 3-4, often leading to the north-easterly wind to. Due to the relationship between air temperature in the Pacific, by an average of 4-5 times the impact of the typhoon, and more concentrated in the July-September .


5 period in 2003 approved by the State Council, Xiamen City agreed to adjust some of the administrative division. The main adjustments include: Siming Qu, and the Gulangyu district into Kaiyuan Qu Siming Qu, three former district administrative region under the jurisdiction of the Siming Qu. Second, the Xinglin Qu Xinglin streets do Xinglin Department and the town was placed under the jurisdiction of Jimei District. Xing Linqu changed its name to Haicang District. Third, the establishment of Xiang'an District, the new store will Tong'an District jurisdiction, Xin Wei, and Maxiang, Neicuo, Dadeng 5 Xiang'an the town was placed under the jurisdiction of the district. After the adjustment of administrative divisions, the Xiamen municipal Siming, the lake, Jimei, Haicang, with Wo Xiang'an District 6. The city's population to the majority Han nationality, and back to the full, Zhuang, She, Miao, mountains and more than 20 ethnic minorities. Due to geographical and historical background, has a large number of returned overseas Chinese, their relatives and Xiamen Overseas Chinese nationals and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots.


China's Xiamen City In one of the special economic zones, dominates Siming, the lake, Jimei, Haicang, with Wo Xiang'an District 6, the current Taiwanese dialect. Legend has it that when the ancient habitat for egrets, it is also known as "Lu Dao."


Xiamen in southeastern China is a scenic port city, it's Wan passionate, exquisite beauty, the best self-help and leisure travelers with a taste closer to a state of mind. And the election of a hotel stay, to lay down their luggage, they put down all worldly cares. Xiamen to first figure out the geography: proximity to Xiamen and Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, China, in the face of Kinmen and Taiwan, the Penghu Islands across the sea. Ha From the city of Xiamen island, Gulangyu Island, the Jiulong River and nearby coastal areas on the north shore of the island, sea and Tongan Xian, with a total area of 1516 square kilometers (Xiamen Island area of 128.18 square kilometers).

Xiamen is China's first four special economic zones, it is Taiwanese, South, southern Hunan to the east of the sea, the Pacific Rim will be developed into an international harbor. "City at sea, the sea in the city," Xiamen is a graceful charm of the "Sea Garden." Island, reef, rock, temple, flowers, wood backed each other, the hometown of overseas Chinese customs, Fujian and Taiwan customs, coastal cuisine, exotic blend of construction, Four Seasons Spring weather is more of the charm of the sea icing on the cake. Beautiful scenery and pleasant weather, it can be said here is the best environment for cities. Surrounded by sea water, broad sandy beaches, warm sunshine, as a good ecological environment, Xiamen's clean air, a habitat for hundreds of thousands of egrets, Xiamen has formed a unique natural landscape, Xiamen because of the terrain like a egret, it was therefore referred to as "Lu Dao"; in addition to the beautiful natural scenery, Xiamen's urban environment is also very clean, is well-known tourist city. Xiamen is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, overseas Xiamen Overseas Chinese nationality, the Chinese have as many as 380,000 people, Xiamen Overseas Chinese for the Francis made a great contribution to the development.

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